Meet Cameron & Shannon our students of the month!

Cameron and Shannon are the youngest in a large family of brothers. Both attended Plunkett St Primary, and Cameron moved up into Balmain Secondary College this year. Shannon always thinks outside the square, and his quirky and original perspectives have generated some interesting and unusual discussions. In a past workshop when Storyteller Helen asked about pets, Shannon talked at length about the spider in the corner of his room. It was as real, with an observed life of its own, as any of the neighbourhood cats and dogs. The result was that their teacher ran a whole class unit on spiders. Shannon once also pointed out that they live 12 steps from the front gates of the school, which generated a lot of mapping out of the school community and a student-created local map.

Cameron worked independently during the Plunkett St workshops on work of his own, as he was one of the oldest in the composite Year 3-6 class. However, when we filmed student interviews to get their takes on their Me, You & Woolloomooloo workshop writing, Cameron gave an enthusiastic and well-informed summary of what had been happening - even though he had been off doing his own work the whole time!

This term, the boys are visiting the Martian Embassy on Sundays for some extra-curricular creativity. Shannon is writing about a planet called Peaceful, where everyone gets along and helps each other out, and Cameron is exploring Earth sciences to pass on to any potential alien life out there (although he's skeptical that there is). We are so proud of their persistent efforts, continued presence and thoughtful explorations, and for that they are our students of the month!