Meet Natalie


Natalie has been visiting the Story Factory with her after-school team the Settlement for more than two years now - and has completed over 60 hours of workshops. Crazy!

She's an incredibly thoughtful and imaginative writer who has already developed a reflective practice many adult writers are unable to tap into. In a recent interview with us, she said: "I knew that after I got used to [the initial nerves], they were helping me with things I need help with."

Her tutor Lorena (who has worked with her for almost this entire period), thinks that she will in time be a "real force of strength and leadership for her peers." Of that we have absolutely no doubt!

Natalie - keep up your amazing writing, we're saving a space on our bookshelves for your debut novel.

If you have a few minutes you can listen to an interview with Natalie on our Sound Cloud channel right here - just make sure you have some tissues handy.