On a planet pretty far away... by Matthew

On a planet pretty far away…

Han Solo’s ship got hijacked. The hijacker went to Endor. Han got in his X-Wing, found the prison, then traded the man for the Falcon.
Chewy said, “Gwarr!”
“Chewy, I know,” said Han frustratedly. “The factory is here,” whispered Han.
“Gwar gwarr gwar,” yelled Chewy.
“Hya!” yelled Han as he kicked down the factory door.
“Gwar gwar.”
“Yeah, I see there is nothing in here,” said Han. One hour later. “Chewy, no more cookies, stop, no, don’t think about it, and you’ve done it,” said Han.
“Gawr gra!” yelled Chewy.
“No, I don’t need the knowledge,” said Han. “I read books.”
“Graw,” growled Chewy.
“I know I’m 29, and I am smart!” yelled Han.
Two hours later of arguing with each other.
“What!!! Where are we?” said Han angrily. “We are on EARTH!” yelled Han. “I thought it was autopilot.”
15 minutes later.
Someone called Rambo entered the ship. Rambo left in a few minutes and scouted. Han and Chewy called the Republic fleet. Meanwhile, the Empire has set up their defences and their fleet was soon to come. The Republic has landed on the battlefield then Boom!!! The Republic fleet has got vapourised. Bam!!! A few minutes ago. Bam!! Someone named Knight Devon has come to Earth. He was hiding in the hills with his army. Boom! The storm troopers died from radiation. “Everything just died,” said a rock. Bam! Ten thousand and one orcs came to defend the factory. Because every living soldier died. Han scouted for a bit then got killed by orcs. Then “Poof”, a guy named Dovahkiin teleported. He was really scared but decided to join the first army he saw. It was Knight Devon’s army. Anyway, the orcs charged into battle a while ago. Knight Devon’s army defends. Knight Devon’s formation was shields then spears then swordsmen then archers and then the cavalry. Dovahkiin was with the swordsmen. A few minutes in battle, Dovahkiin used a shout to summon a dragon named Parthernax to help in battle. Dovahkiin was a great warrior, he has been through a lot. He liked to kill bad dragons. Dovahkiin shouted the unrelenting force shout, “fus ro da!” No one knew what he said. Dovahkiin was talking in dragon. All of the orcs got sent back by the shout. Dovahkiin left the battle to attack from the side. He was injured. Dovahkiin used a spell to summon a follower called Dromora. Two of them. Dovahkiin’s
dromoras were far away down the street. Bam! Dovahkiin vanished back to his dimension like nothing happened.

To be continued…
But the cool thing is it is continuing now. Two years later. Dovahkiin died, but before he died, Dovahkiin had a choice to change the past because when he went to Earth he was slowly dying. The other choice was to die but remember everything. He picked to die. Dovahkiin was a hero, he was named Dovahkiin because he was a dragon born, and Dovahkiin meant dragon born in dragon. He was remembered for many years and years to com