Radio With Pictures

Boilboy and Wagadoo picture

The Sydney Story Factory is proud to be running the Radio With Pictures project, a collection of audio-visual stories created through a unique collaboration between students from all over Sydney and a collection of wonderful volunteers. The finished product combines writing, illustration and performance allowing the stories to come to life on the screen. The students wrote a script, selected sound effects, created illustrations and recorded their performance of the story, helped along by the advice and feedback of volunteer tutors over the course of our workshops. The original versions of the stories with student illustrations were then shown to adult illustrators who were instructed to re-imagine and re-illustrate them. The result is a fantastic collection of imaginative stories with a diverse range of illustrative styles. This project is truly a great example of the amazing role collaboration can play in creativity. The Sydney Story Factory held a screening of the Radio With Pictures project at the Giant Dwarf Theatre on Monday, 27th of October, at which the finished products of the students'  stories were shown on the "big screen." The turn out was filled with students and family and a crowd of the intrigued and complete with an outdoor barbecue. The finished products were entertaining as well as creative as each video faded out to an uproar of applause from the audience. Apart from the sense of accomplishment that must have been felt when seeing their story on screen, the rush of applause that met the end of each story holds a certain satisfaction in and of itself and was truly wonderful to be apart of. Each week we will be posting a different video from the Radio With Pictures screening, to share the entertainment of students' creativity and imagination with the rest of you!!

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This week's video is called Boil Boy and Wagadoo by Ben, Hayley, and Chase and illustrated by Jingjing Wu. This story explores unlikely friendships and working together. We hope you enjoy and stay tuned for more videos each week!