It Is Never a Dream by Marianne

Evening becomes the night on the coldest day of July. I am on my way to the coldest place on earth, Alaska. I am so excited to be there soon. It has been a long time since the last time I had a break from my tiring work.

The weather is not friendly.

I am sitting on a bumpy plane at the very back seat. A man is silently sitting beside me. He is reading a medical journal on super foods that can heal a lot of diseases. He is very handsome. His face is so unique. His aura is gold. He has blue eyes, just like me. He has a birthmark on his eye. His eye has a yellow dot on the pupil.

I am so surprised. He looks like my long lost brother, Yusuf. I haven’t seen him for ages. He was separated from me when he was an infant. I can’t stop my curiosity and say hello to him. “My name is Love Lenark. I’m sorry to interrupt you but you really look like my long lost brother.”

Yusuf pauses his reading. He doesn’t say anything. I stare at his enchanting eyes. He stays mute for a minute before saying anything. Finally he opens his mouth. He looks at my eyes and, “Oh my Lord,” says Yusuf, “I have been searching for you my entire life.”

“How have you been?” says Love. “It has been a long time since I last saw you.”

“I have been healing a lot of people with my experience in super foods. My magic superfood is the acai. Acai berry can help many people to heal their digestive system.”

“Wow, you have lived a good life. I have spent my last ten years working for a huge company in Washington. I am the best they have, the number one asset that gives them the most wealth.”

Yusuf and I have a very long, deep conversation for hours.


Halfway to Alaska the lights on the plane blink. There is an announcement. Oxygen masks drop down and people start to panic. The plane not only is dark but also shakes. Yusuf and Love are frightened. “Is this our first and last meeting?” says Love. Yusuf says, “Don’t worry, Love. I will protect you. No harm will happen to us. I have what it takes to keep you safe and sound. I have a magic cape that can help me to fly in the sky.” The magic cape is golden. It resembles strength and kindness.

The plane continues to shake. So many passengers are screaming. Tears running down their cheeks. The tune on the plane’s radio is the best music they have listened to so far. Europe should be my destination instead, Yusuf thought. It would have a better climate. “Being in this terrible weather is not what I expected,” Yusuf says to Love. “I am still thankful that I met you on this plane,” Love says.

Tornado is near, the pilot speaks on the speakerphone. Everyone is tortured with the bad news. Will the plane crash? “The storm in the sky will stop the engine and it will evacuate all the lost roaring passengers,” Love says to Yusuf. “Worst is that some of the seals might break and real astronauts we will be.” “Don’t worry, I will save you when the storm really is striking us. I will work out how to isolate the strong tornado from us. I am able to use my gold energy to leap to the summit of the tornado so the plane can escape,” Yusuf tells Love. “You are very powerful,” Love says. “I have the power to shake the earth. I am a man with unbelievable power. You pray to the universe’s ancestor as He will guide you to safety.”

The plane breaks suddenly. Yusuf realises that it is time to win the battle. He eats the red acai berry as he puts the palms of his hands together. The golden chi energy prepares the plane to soar. The plane is about to crash with the tornado when Yusuf takes it up high. It soars to the ultimate height, so high the plane nearly reaches Uranus. The passengers are in shock. They witness a miracle as they are rescued. The plane is going up so fast it can’t stop. Yusuf is weary now as he uses up all of the energy.

The tail of the plane is no longer intact. The plane’s wings are torn. Air ventilation is broken.

What will happen to the passengers? Are they going to die? Are Love and Yusuf going to die? Could there be another miracle?

Yusuf and I are OK. Not the others. Yusuf is unable to save everyone.

Camera flashes in Love’s face when she finishes the story.

Although the storm has stopped when Love goes to ICU in Slovakia, she is not able to fix her unusual fear of the plane passengers yelling. She learns that the unreal rough time united her soul with Yusuf, and resulted in an emotional tremor and trauma of heights.

Yusuf is not able to rescue all.

Best is usually not what we expect to happen.

Best is what we, you and me, conquer on our usual routine, and trying our usual efforts to be a better person, inside and outside.