Mind Matters By Phoebe

Mind Matters
By Phoebe


Roderick woke up on top of the cupboard. “How did I get here?” he asked himself. It was 5 in the morning. Roderick was an orphan. He stayed at an orphanage at Marigold. The cupboard he woke up on top of was 2.6m tall.

“Help, help”.

This woke up the other orphans and Mr Cardinale. Mr Cardinale ran to the room and carried Roderick down to his office and locked the door.

“You have magic!”



“How do you know?”

“I’m stalking you.”


“Because I was suspicious of you.”

“What were you suspicious of?”

“I thought you had magic.”

“Oh, ok”.

“I have magic too.”

“That explains everything. ”

“Yep, you need to stay with me for all of your lessons.”

“why do I need to come here?”

“You need to come here because you need to learn magic.”

“Oh, ok.”

“You can go back to your dormitory now. Your first lesson starts tomorrow.”


Roderick went back to his dormitory and read a book until it was lunch. For lunch they had cold porridge and homemade orange juice. Breakfast and lunch were always porridge and orange juice everyday.  Dinner was different . Sometimes there would be spaghetti or chicken schnitzel.


After lunch he slept til dinner because he had nothing to do. When he woke up he went off to have dinner.


Dinner was homemade pizza. On the pizza there were peperoni, mushrooms, capsicum, pineapples and ground beef. Everyone received two slices.

Roderick hadn’t had pizza for a long time, so he devoured  it. He started choking on his food , and  drank water to get it down.


After dinner the orphans went to sleep. The next day  he went to Mr Cardinale’s

office to have his first lesson on magic. When he arrived there, Mr Cardinale said,

“I’m gonna give this to you and then you’re gonna eat it.” The object was a cookie.

Roderick’s mind was full of thoughts. Why would Mr cardinal give me a cookie to eat?

“This cookie will make you go through the stages of your mind. Some of them are good, some are bad. You may have to face a fear or two. There are 7 stages to go through”, continued Mr Cardinale.


Roderick was now scared. He was getting goosebumps.  “Are you sure I have magic?” asked Roderick as he didn’t want to go through his mind.

“Stop trying to talk out of it,” Mr Cardinale said.  “Now eat the cookie”.

Roderick ate it and felt drowsy. Roderick closed his eyes and felt like he was falling . Thump! He fell on something hard. He opened his eyes and saw that he was in a room with paint brushes, paint, pencils  etc. The room smelt like metal.

There was a piece of paper next to him.  Roderick picked it up.

It said, “FIRST STAGE. In this stage you need to paint this exact picture.

You have exactly 10 minutes to find everything and draw /paint it. “


Roderick went to find everything. The only problem was that everything he needed were on the top shelves.  The top shelves weren’t really tall but Roderick needed to jump to reach them Roderick’s first jump was unsteady and he fell down. Roderick jumped again and he snatched the pencil and paper off the shelf. Roderick quickly drew a flower. The piece of  paper with the instructions faded and new ones gradually appeared. It said GO THROUGH THE DOOR. Roderick looked around and saw that a door had magically appeared. The door had a mysterious look to it. It looked like it was made of fog or mist , but Roderick coud clasp onto the door knob and opened the door or whatever it was. When Roderick entered the room, the door behind him disappeared into thin air.

There were new words on the paper but Roderick didn’t see them disappear or reappear. The words were ‘STAGE TWO. PICK A DOOR : LEFT OR RIGHT?’

Both doors lead up to the third stage but one will have something dangerous and one will be peaceful PICK WISELY…….


Roderick chose the door on the right because in books he had read everyone chose the door on the right  and lived. Roderick went in and a boulder was chasing him. He ran so fast that the magical piece of paper with the instructions fell out but Roderick couldn’t go back to get it.  He ran til he go to the door and entered it.  Roderick started pantinglike a dog and was sweating like he had just been in a pool. As he was about to walk he noticed there were people.  He also noticed that something was making his pant’s pockets heavier. Roderick took the object out and realised it was the piece of paper that he had dropped earlier on.

“How can that piece of paper be in my pocket?’, he thought. He read the words :



Roderick went up to a citizen to ask but she ran away screaming.