Hot Dog Humour by Isabella

Ziggi was just an ordinary boy though his parents were famous because they were the best clowns in Spain. On Ziggi’s 5th birthday his parents ordered a clown for his birthday party so they could spend time with him and his younger brothers as parents. Ziggi always wanted to be a clown but his friends didn’t like clowns because they thought clowns were scary. Ziggi loves clowns but he likes hot dogs even better. Hot dogs are his favourite snack ever. He loves them more than anything.

Through the rest of his childhood Ziggi practised being a clown. Ziggi’s parents put him in the circus when he was 10 years old and he was happy about it. His parents designed a hotdog costume for his 10th birthday so whenever Ziggi was performing he would wear his hotdog costume and would put some tomato and mustard sauce on his hat and shoes.

Ziggi trained very hard. He became famous like his parents and was the best clown in Spain. His brothers were not as talented as Ziggi so they became announcers and ran the Dodgem Cars.

Now Ziggi is 40 years old and his friend Salina, an acrobat, is 21 years old. Salina is an ordinary girl but she was born with wings. She only uses the wings to help junior acrobats train. Her father put a spell on them so whenever there’s trouble she can only use the wings to rescue people or to catch them if they fall. Otherwise she can’t use them as an acrobat or for herself because her father is scared of her flying away from him.

Ziggi juggles cups of hot coffee without spilling a drop. He rides tiny unicycles (his fat tummy nearly touches the ground) and enormous unicycles. Ziggy works in the circus with Salina.

Salina’s dad is the Ringmaster and wants Ziggi and Salina to visit the Queen in England so Ziggi had to train even harder as a clown and Salina had to train even harder as an acrobat. They both had to learn English and Salina had extra lessons from Salina’s mother’s friend so once they had enough English, Salina’s father sent them to England. They both were very nervous and Ziggi was the first to perform. The Queen wasn’t very impressed because Ziggi wasn’t funny to her. The Queen enjoyed it when Ziggi juggled balls, bowling pins and cups of coffee. But when he brought three Corgis into the act, dressed in clown costumes like his own, she raised a royal eyebrow. When he squirted tomato sauce and mustard on their hats, she looked shocked. When he pretended he was going to juggle the Corgis while riding the enormous unicycle, the Queen called the guards. The Queen didn’t understand Ziggi’s humour but the guards fell about laughing. Ziggi was funny in Spain but his humour did not translate to English. So the Queen sent him to the dungeon and he was given punishment (three lashes and then he had to scrub the floor).

Next up was Salina, the Queen thought Salina was amazing and secretly planned to put her in England’s circus and always had an eye on Salina. The Queen was not evil, she just assumed she could take anything or anyone she wanted. A couple of weeks later Salina’s dad was worried and wanted to send a letter to the Queen so as soon as he got his Facebook account he saw a post saying “Visit the Queen’s circus” and with it a video clip of Salina performing. So he went to England and shouted in the Queen’s palace, “WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER AND ZIGGI!!!” The Queen heard him and was shocked and found out it was the Ringmaster of Spain. She called her guards and walked towards him. He had a very loud voice, she thought, and she didn’t like loud voices in her palace.

Queen: “What do you mean?”

Ringmaster: “You! You took my daughter and Ziggi!”

Queen: “Oh you can have Ziggi but not Salina, she’s perfect.”

Ringmaster: “No, you can’t, she’s my daughter!”  

Queen: “Fine, then we’ll have a circus challenge between England and Spain. Whoever wins gets Salina and whoever loses, doesn’t get her. But Salina and Ziggi are not included in the challenge!”

Ringmaster: “Ok.”

Months and months go by and the Spanish and English circus teams trained so hard that there were things never seen before. Jumping through burning hoops, sword swallowing, eating fire and lots of tricks! The teams met in the UK and the judge was a famous actor called Ben from Russia. He called England to go first, he watched and enjoyed the performance very much. Then it was Spain’s turn and as soon as they started he was already surprised and then when Spain was nearly finished Ben already knew who was the winner and Spain won. The Ringmaster was crying that he loved his circus forever and thought he would live happily ever after, as Spain has the best circus ever in the whole entire universe.

Except the Ringmaster wanted to know what happened to Salina’s wings. The Queen had released Ziggi from the dungeon and let Ziggi and Salina return to Spain while the challenge was happening. But first the Queen had her scientists develop a magic potion to remove Salina’s wings while Salina was sleeping. The Queen had kept Salina’s wings in a jar in England.

Salina: “My wings OMG I don’t have them. It must have been the Queen!!” Ringmaster: “Salina! Don’t worry you can still move them. Even when they are not attached you can still move them.”

Salina: “No, it’s no use, they’re stuck.”

So Salina tried and tried until she could control her wings. The Queen had opened the lid of the jar at the end of the competition, as she wanted to give them to her best acrobat. The the wings flew out and back to Spain so finally Salina got her wings back.

The Queen learnt a lesson - that being the Queen didn’t mean she could have everything she wanted. Ziggi was happy to be back in Spain with his parents and his brothers.