The Rare Blue Diamond Adventure by Mazher

The Rare Blue Diamond Adventure

Poopop and his sidekick Pumpkin’s mission was to kill his enemies in the forest and get the very rare blue diamond. But first they have to escape the volcano. It was easy to escape because they have magic powers, but it wasn’t easy when a fireboy came. Poopop and Pumpkin have to do all the things that the fireboy tells them to do. So Poopop and Pumpkin did what the fireboy said for one hour and finally they escape. They were hungry and tired, so they used magic to make pizza and soft drink appear. After 20 minutes’ eating and resting, they had to get back to the mission. Walking, they have to pass these ugly aliens. The aliens said to do a special dance - the moonwalk. So Pumpkin did it and he was embarrassed. The next day they woke up ready to go to the forest, but first they have to pass the Jelly River. They made a boat with wood and they used magic to fly the boat, so the boat can’t get stuck. It was going to be a long two hour ride, but then they had a big problem - there was a big tsunami. Then Poopop and Pumpkin quickly got their stick and flew up, but the tsunami hit the back of the boat. They landed badly. They had scratches and they were very injured. Poopop and his sidekick arrived in the forest ready to fight when the bad people attacked first. So they used animal magic. They use thousands of them! The animals were stronger so they beat the bad people.

After the victory they went to find the rare blue diamond. Pumpkin saw a big rock. He climbed it and he found a diamond. But the diamond was locked inside the rock, so Poopop came to help. They used magic and it didn’t work. Then they used all their strength and it still didn’t work. Then they had an idea: they pushed the rock over and the diamond fell off and they caught the diamond as it tumbled down.