Jane and E by Kody

Jane and E

There is an ogre. Her name is Jane. She is small with brown eyes and dark green coloured skin. She is practising her big roar for when intruders come and attack her home. Her home is in a secret tunnel that leads underground that was abandoned hundreds of years ago. One sunny morning, Jane woke up to a big bang. She stomped over to the kitchen and saw everything was messed up. So she quickly ran over to her diamond necklace. It wasn’t there. Jane searched for hours until she found a note. It said, “I took your diamond so I can unlock the secret door - from E.” Jane had read the note and freaked out. She stomped over to E’s kingdom, rushing to find her diamond… She arrived at E’s kingdom looking for the door. Something felt weird when she arrived. Aha, she thought. She noticed that her guards weren’t there. She opened the door. All the guards were bowing to Queen E. Queen E held up Jane’s diamond. Jane yelled out, “That’s my diamond, you can’t take it!” Everyone looked at her. There was silence for about five seconds, until all the guards attacked Jane. She started to run back to her home. She can’t unlock her secret tunnel without her diamond. She panicked for a second until a thought came to her head. Her old home - she can run to her old house. She turned around, looking for her house. She spotted it. She started to run. She locked the door, her heart was pounding so fast. She ran to her bedroom, looked in the drawers, searching for something to defend herself. She heard something inside the house. She grabbed the bat. There was an ogre. It turned out to be her cousin.

They said hello to each other and were talking until the guards came into the house. They got frozen by her cousin’s necklace. She told them from now on they have to work with her. She had a talk with them about the plan that she made to get her necklace back. She threatened them to go inside of Queen E’s kingdom and fight her until they give her back her diamond. They ran back to Queen E’s kingdom, they told her she has to give the diamond back. The guards said that they will have a one-on-one fight with Queen E. The strongest guard got chosen to have a one-on-one. The guard won. She got her diamond back and ever since that day she kept her diamond with her.