The Golden Ring by Tayo

The Golden Ring

Tayo just woke up. She does not remember anything. She looks around and she is on the beach. She checks her magical bracelet to tell her where she is and why she is there. It tells her that she is on the Mage Island. The family curse was passed on to her by her great grand step nan. It was that until she receives the golden ring, she and her family will continue to make mistakes in their lives. It was a hot sunny morning. Then she felt something in her pocket and when she dipped her hands into her pocket she brought out a small paper which said ‘Golden Ring’. She sits down and thinks about what it means. She wanders around the island with the the hot burning sun heating up her whole body. Tayo has been walking for about three hours now and she is all sweaty and tired, so she says to herself, “I have to find a place to stay for the night.” So she walks around and sees tiny footsteps. When she goes closer she starts to smell a funky smell which was kind of gross but walked even closer anyway. Then she sees three rows of huts. She knocks on the middle one gently and no one answered. So she decided to wait a little while before she knocks again. After about five minutes an old elf came out of the hut. It looked rather poor and wore rag clothes. She said “Hello” politely and the elf said “Hi” politely, too. He asked for her name and she said her name was Tayo. He welcomes her in and told her his name was Woody the elf. They exchanged greetings. The elf introduced her to his family. He had two daughters whose names were Flora and Jasmin, and two sons whose names were Clove and Rooty. He said his wife sadly passed away. Her name was Rosemary. He gave her some tea which he had locally made from his lemongrass garden which he blended, and was strained and boiled. The next day she woke and had a coconut and banana smoothie. Then she said goodbye to the elf and his daughters and sons and then slowly started walking. After about one minute of walking she heard the elf calling her. “Tayo, Tayo, Tayo...” She then walked back in the elf’s hut and he gave her a bag of coconuts and two mangoes to greet her goodbye. Tayo has been walking for about one hour and she decides to have one coconut for a drink. She takes out her straw and begins to sip some milk from the coconut. Just then she hears a noise and it sounded like a child screaming, so she drops her things and her coconut to go see what happened. After about a minute she approaches a small river and all she saw was waves. So she decides to go back to her coconuts. When she gets there she sees nothing. She doesn’t know what to do, she is hungry and her coconuts are all stolen except for one mango. Tayo is very surprised so she decides to hold onto the mango and not eat it yet. She goes back to the river, drinks some water and finds a water bottle with a large ‘Z’ on it. She rinses the bottle and fills it with some water to save for later. She walks for some time and then sees a cave and it was pretty late and cold so she decided to spend the night there. She lays her head on her bag with the water bottle inside as her pillow. She wakes up and sights an army of zombies. They attempt to catch her but she escapes without her water bottle. She is hungry and thirsty but she is far away from the river. She walks and then finds a sign which said ‘Baby Land’. She walks in and it is so beautiful and there are so many flowers and she sees a boy who took her to the Queen. The Queen recognises her and told her she had been waiting for her for years. She gives her a golden bracelet and magically sends her back to her village. She arrives at her village and realises her family curse is gone and lives happily ever after.