The Bracelet by Claire Oberdorfer


Kate usually eats unicorns, plays with her friend Lewis, hangs out at the ancient ruins, likes scaring Lewis, and hunts for lost unicorns nearby.  She lives in Twilight forest and she is 18 years old. While Kate was is hunting for lost unicorns and does not find anything, a little humming bird tells Kate about The Bracelet. The little bird said to Kate, “Kate, Kate there is a bracelet that makes a person wise when they put it on their hand and it is hidden somewhere around the island.  Honestly, I do not know where it is.  The kingdom of Good has hidden it somewhere around the island.  I only came to tell you about it but it is your choice if you want to hunt it out.”

A day later she starts the journey with Lewis because they agreed to find the bracelet.

While she is on the quest looking for the bracelet she encounters her long lost enemy, Jim the vampire.

Jim the vampire and Kate used to be friends and lived in twilight forest until he stole something special from her.  They had fought over it and Jim would not return it to Kate so she said, “Whoever loses the fight has to leave or give something special that they have.”  Kate won the fight but Jim went to another land and that’s when they became enemies.  They hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

When Kate met Jim she was confused if she should try and get what Jim stole from her or go for the bracelet.  She decided that she go for the bracelet but she found out Jim was going on the quest too so she tried to murder him every now and then on the quest.

The last fight with Jim she nearly killed him and his friends.

Kate said,“Hey Jim, give back the precious necklace you stole from me.”

Jim said,“No I don’t want to.  Let’s have a fight to see who surrenders.  The one who surrenders won’t get what I stole.” Kate said, “Okay then.”

Jim surrendered and finally gave back what he stole.

The hero Kate became very wise.

Kate and Lewis are now a couple (boyfriend and girlfriend) and they got the bracelet and that Jim stole.


From The Incredible Tales of Wowzmarshdoo



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