Turn Right for Perth By Isabella

Turn right for Perth



Our story begins in La Perouse with a strong healthy woman named Elizabith who is about to travel to the rainforest because she got a job in there. In her job she picks fruit she does this to help people be strong and healthy like her.


Elizabith once met a Bunyip it had brown eyes, long claws, and a stumpy tail. It was going to trick her by playing with her until she gets tired. The Bunyip said, “Would you like to play with me?” Elizabith said, “Ok!” So they played and played until she got tired. The Bunyip thought, it is my chance to eat her, but then Elizbith woke up and punched him. Things are not always what they seem a little violence helps sometimes.


Elizbith was packing her bag for the rainforest. She thought if the Bunyip comes again I will run. Suddenly she saw the Bunyip, she tried to run away but he was faster. Elizabith said to the Bunyip, “Can you please go I am getting ready to go to my job.” The Bunyip said, “I am not going to eat you.” Then Elizabith said, “But why?” The Bunyip said “I really want to go with you so I can see the world. I’ve always been in the swamp and I’d like your company.”


Elizabith is doing her job at the rainforest. The Bunyip has special powers of sensing danger. Elizabith looked at the Bunyip concerned, with her head tilted, “Why are you doing those funny movements?” The Bunyip replied, “I’m sensing a flood we must get out of here!” Elizabeth heard the flood coming. Whoosh. Elizabith fled in terror. “WE MUST GET OUT OF HERE,” the Bunyip yelled at Elizabith. “I HEARD YOU THE FIRST TIME CAN YOU PLEASE PIPE DOWN,” she replied. Elizabith tried to swim in the deep water but then she got tired. “Can I please go on your back?” She begged the Bunyip. “Fine” said the tired Bunyip.


Elizabith and the Bunyip is still washed away by the flood, then suddenly Elizabith’s friend Amy came rushing in her boat. She threw a floatie to save Elizabith. She pulled them in but things are not always what they seem. Amy saw the Bunyip. Amy said, “OMG!” Elizabith tried to calm her down but nothing worked. Amy tried to push the Bunyip back in the flood so herself and Elizabith were safe. Meanwhile Amy is still pushing the Bunyip inside the flood but the Bunyip is too strong for Amy. Amy was whinging to Elizabeth, “Why am I saving a girl with a girl eating Bunyip?” Elizabeth had a migraine from Amy’s whinging.

The Bunyip is suffering getting onto the boat. The Bunyip said, “I am trying to save you and Elizabith’s life from danger. If you help me, I’ll help you.”

Amy said, “Fine! But promise you won’t go anywhere else I need you where I can see you,” and she crossed her arms angrily.


Amy saw Elizabith playing with the Bunyip to cheer him up. Amy said, “Why are you guys playing with each other you are wobbling the boat and we might crash.” Elizabith said, “Just keep your eyes on the water.” Amy sighed and the boat kept going until they got caught on a waterfall. The Bunyip started doing his funny movements again. Elizabith saw a sign “turn right for Perth.” The Bunyip roared loudly, Amy looked worried, and Elizabith screamed, “We must turn right.” The boat was still going until it was night and they arrived at their final destination.