Volunteer as a Writing Tutor and Change Young Lives

Want to transform the child of a child or teenager by helping them discover the joy of writing? We're looking for new volunteers, especially for workshops in Western Sydney!


Register now for orientation and training days in Sydney and Parramatta coming up soon.

Volunteers deliver the X factor in every Sydney Story Factory workshop. Many of the children and young people we work with struggle at school but when you put them together with someone who is not a parent, or a teacher, or any of the usual adults in their lives, then add time, patience and a genuine interest in helping that youngster succeed, something quite magical happens.

Trained volunteer tutors are essential to our innovative teaching model. In each workshop, they provide the sustained personal attention to a young person and their writing that supports them through whatever challenges the writing process might throw at them. Gently and encouragingly, they help guide the student, or point out the ideas that could be explored and developed, keeping a young writer who might otherwise be inclined to abandon the project on task and writing.


Time and again it's not what goes down on paper that's important, but the relationship that forms between tutor and student which allows that young person to test and develop new ways of sharing their ideas, and boosts their confidence in doing so.

It's our community of volunteers who make Sydney Story Factory unique. Freelancers and students, retirees and writers, parents and professionals, they come from all over Sydney and from all walks of life. They share a love of writing and a desire to give back to the community. We have over 850 volunteers ready to walk into a workshop at any time. But we always (always!) need more. 


Find out more about volunteering HERE. 

Information and orientation days for brand new volunteers are scheduled for Redfern and Parramatta every month.

Complete our online registration form and sign up to an orientation day that suits you.

This is what our volunteers say about their experience of tutoring with young people at Sydney Story Factory:

"I started volunteering with SSF because I write for a living, and thought I'd be able to give something back to kids who could use some help. What I didn't realise was how genuinely rewarding and fun it would be to get to spend time every week with an enthusiastic, imaginative, energetic kid who has a bunch of great ideas that can be turned into great stories. Volunteering at SSF is challenging, but in the best way — it requires patience, empathy, and thinking deeply about how to best support a kid in finding their voice. There is no better feeling than connecting with your student, and helping them produce work that is observant, crazy, hilarious, and smart."
Lane Sainty, volunteer
"I volunteer for many different organisations, but coming into the Martian Embassy to work with the wonderful storytellers to make a real difference for the young people that also love coming into the Sydney Story Factory, is the most rewarding volunteer experience of all. The storytellers and others who are at the Martian Embassy create a warm, creative and embracing environment that make this the amazing place it is to be a volunteer."
Lorena Param, volunteer