Will you sponsor a child's place at our workshops?


Will you give a child the chance to attend a Sydney Story Factory workshop? We’re looking for awesome individuals to give just $30 a month – less than a dollar a day – to join our regular giving program and sponsor a child's place. This means that every month, through your generosity, a young person will be able to attend one of our innovative and free creative writing workshops.

Giving a small regular gift is extremely helpful to our students – and to us. The guarantee of ongoing funds means we can plan ahead. This improves the effectiveness of our creative writing programs, and maximises the number of marginalised young people we can help.

We’re located at 176 Redfern Street, and we’re hoping that 176 people will help us get our regular giving program off the ground. Will you be one of the first to sign up?

The thousands of young people we work with will be exceedingly grateful. And so will we.