What in the World

Years 5-6

Three Week Program

Ever heard of Cheese Rolling in Coopers Hill, or Worm Charming in Willaston, or the Wife Carrying Race in Dorking? In this program students act as news reporters, sent to investigate the weird traditions of small towns with odd histories. They will create a monologue for their news report, summarising town traditions, and incorporating interviewing skills in their final piece. Sample Outcomes - Australian Curriculum

  • Create literary texts that adapt or combine aspects of texts students have experienced in innovative ways (ACELT1618)
  • Experiment with text structures and language features and their effects in creating literary texts, for example, using imagery, sentence variation, metaphor and word choice (ACELT1800)
  • Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts, choosing and experimenting with text structures, language features, images and digital resources appropriate to purpose and audience (ACELY1714)
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