Story Factory is a not-for-profit creative writing centre for young people in under-resourced communities across Sydney and NSW. We build writing skills, confidence and creativity.

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Stories change lives.

Stories matter. We work with young people to write their own stories, imagine their own worlds and see themselves as authors who have a voice worth sharing with the world. The benefits can last a life time.

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We publish thousands of stories each year, all written by our brilliant students. Here’s a selection of what they’ve been writing across our workshops.

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By Mina, Year 4

Once upon a time there was a boy called  JOSEPH, a boy called JACOB and a girl called ANNA ,they went trick  or treating at night time to  eat candy…

Why I love my mummy by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 6

Why I love my mummy  I love her because she would read me stories before bed so it could help me go to sleep.  She would help me with homework when…

My home is the sun by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 6

Hello my name is Tracy. If you would like to know where I was born it would be in the sky. No joke, my mother was an astronaut. She was…

My first cool pet ever that saved the town by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 6

A old grumpy man that lived alone and moved houses to get closer to the shopping market, then when he moved he was so lonely beside he would sleep all…

The Curse on the Girl by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 6

Once there lived a girl whose parents were ghosts. Nobody else weren’t able to see her parents beside her. This girl is named Marghosta. She is half ghost half human…

The Lion Roars by Natalie

By Natalie, Year 6

Once there lived a lion that wasn’t able to roar so his father kept showing him but still no use for 5 years. So the father lion bought him to…

A Step Closer to Freedom by Joshua

By Joshua, Year 10

The content below contains mature content and adult themes. If you have any concerns or if you are below 13 years of age please do not continue reading. If you are above…

The Bully by Faraiba

By Faraiba, Year 9

The content below contains mature content and adult themes. If you have any concerns or if you are below 13 years of age please do not continue reading. If you are…

The Beginning by Holly

By Holly, Year 8

The content below contains mature content and adult themes. If you have any concerns or if you are below 13 years of age please do not continue reading. If you are…

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We're thrilled to share that with the support of Clarity Pharmaceuticals we are recruiting a dedicated Indigenous Storyteller to deliver high- impact, term-length writing programs supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island young people  Clarity Pharmaceuticals Executive Chairman, Dr Alan Taylor, said he was excited to support Story Factory after growing up in community housing in the Redfern area.  ‘My grandparents, after immigrating from Europe after the war, were some of the first people to move into the McKell housing commission units in the early 1960s and lived there until the 90s. And my earliest memories as a child were living on the 14th floor of the Daniel Solander building in the Waterloo Housing Complex. This experience has given me a unique understanding of the area compared to many of my peers, especially of some of the difficulties some children face through no fault of their own, whether it is a lack of resources, or not knowing where opportunities lie.'  READ MORE:
This year we worked with Year 5 and 6 students in four Western Sydney schools exploring the feathered beauty of some truly incredible birds.  Students investigated themes such as community, displacement, and environmental change – under the all-seeing gaze of the magnificent, mysterious (and occasionally menacing!) birdlife of the world (as well as our storytellers).  These stories have now been brought magnificently to life for the world to enjoy in both film and book form! Check out our first story below, and view the full thrilling tale on our website.  MARVELLOUS BIRDS - A STORY FACTORY BIG PROJECT:  #marvellousbirds #storyfactory
Celebrate the end of lockdown by walking past our Redfern headquarters one evening this week, and drink in the beauty of our #artwritelight installation.  Combining the artwork of @blakdouglas and the writing of Western Sydney school students, this exhibition is a celebration of creativity in an especially challenging year.  On after dark until 9 November, make sure to scan the QR codes to hear the stories written by each talented student!
This World Teacher's Day we want to give an extra-special shout out to the teachers who for the last two years have gone above and beyond in truly moving and spectacular ways.  Like the teachers at @holroydhighschool who, with a student body of up to 90% of students for whom English is an additional language, and 50% of whom are refugees, had to work extra hard to ensure their students stayed connected and supported.  Initiatives like calling every student every week, sending attendance and praise letters home every week, sending regular student surveys to check in how students are going and if the teachers are keeping their attention, ensuring their lessons are strong visually and completely remodelled in order to manage a limited bandwidth, and creating programs especially designed to be fun and engaging (like ours!) all had a wonderful success rate - with 90% student attendance at Holroyd during lockdown.  We want to publicly salute these teachers - and all the teachers like them - who gave so much during unprecedented times to keep students safe, supported and learning.  Thank you teachers!!  #WorldTeachersDay