Evaluation of our programs is incredibly important to us, as it helps us know we are making an impact and informs the design of our programs.

We’ve worked hard with respected evaluation consultants Clear Horizon to develop a robust evaluation framework for all of our programs. We are proud that the results have been overwhelmingly positive, and have highlighted the impact of our workshops on young people’s writing, literacy skills and confidence.

Teachers report that:

78% of their students are more confident writers 

76% of their students improved their literacy 

93% of teachers have changed their practice 


81% of students reported that they enjoyed writing with us

I genuinely cannot thank Story Factory enough! The kids were RAVING about the program and continued to discuss with the teaching team how much they learned. Many of these students withdraw in the general mixed ability classroom and this workshop showed them how they can shine!

Teacher, Emmaus Catholic College

Our approach

At Story Factory, we believe that reading is access but writing is agency. Our writing programs have been designed to help build writing skills, confidence and creativity in young people so that they can write their own stories and see themselves as authors who have a voice worth sharing with the world. 

We see everyday how creative writing helps young people feel better about themselves and their lives, and now we have evidence to support this claim. We commissioned independent evaluation consultancy String Theory to examine research on how creative writing can improve the wellbeing of young people, especially those with culturally and linguistically diverse and First Nations heritage. 

The resulting paper collates evidence showing that creative writing programs can improve wellbeing in four ways, by helping young people to:

  • Be present in the moment;
  • Connect with self, by exploring identity and emotions;
  • Experience agency, a sense that they are in charge of their narrative;
  • Connect with others, both in the class and beyond, with readers.

The paper concludes that creative writing programs have significant potential to improve wellbeing for young people, particularly those who do not feel they have a voice.

The best thing in this program is that it has helped me expand my mind with ideas for creative writing and poetry.

Student, after-school program

Story Factory works with young people to help them find their voice and write better futures for themselves. We create a free and safe environment both in-person and online, where young people can write, create, connect and experience a sense of belonging.

Dr Catherine Keenan AM, Executive Director & Co-founder, Story Factory

Our Alumni

Once young people have found their voice, there is no limit to what they can achieve. We are thrilled to highlight the achievements of some of the alumni of our programs.

Vivian Pham

Vivian Pham

Vivian Pham’s novel The Coconut Children was published by Penguin Random House in 2020 to great acclaim. She won the 2021 Sydney Morning Herald/Age Best Young Novelist of the Year award, and the 2021 Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year. She is currently working on adaptations of her novel for Belvoir Theatre and for the screen.

Victoria Bassett-Wilton & Ela Pinar

Victoria Bassett-Wilton & Ela Pinar

Victoria Bassett-Wilton was one of the recipients of the Penguin Random House Australia Write It Fellowship 2023 for her novel Esther, and Ela Pinar was shortlisted for the same award.

Duy Quang Mai

Duy Quang Mai

Duy Quang Mai was commended as a Foyle’s young poet of the year in 2019 and his poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Cordite, diaCRITICS, The American Poetry Review, and Waxwing.

Amuor Malou

Amuor Malou

Amuor Malou secured an internship at Penguin Random House and now works in their marketing department.

Arlea Whelan

Arlea Whelan

Arlea Whelan secured an internship at Red Room poetry.

The poetry workshops at Story Factory are amazing! They create a very welcoming space and a very comforting and warm environment. They also help me find confidence within my own voice.


Year of Poetry alumnus