Year of Poetry and Year of the Novella

High School Students

High School

Our Year of Poetry and Year of the Novella programs invite students who want to stretch their writing muscles to spend an entire year writing either a collection of poetry or a novella.

In weekly after-school sessions with our dedicated storytellers, and with visits from professional authors, these young people work through all the stages of writing – from idea generation, to developing writing plans, problem solving, working through writer’s block, editing and completing a major piece of writing.

At the end of the year students work with professional editors to get their work ready for publication, and we celebrate their achievements with a launch. Family and friends are all invited.

We are incredibly proud of this program and the students who continually amaze us with their imagination and perspective.

Like all of our writing workshops, Year of Poetry and Year of the Novella are provided free of charge to students who come from communities that may be under-resourced, for whom English may be an Additional Language or Dialect, are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or otherwise do not have access to programs like this one.

If you’re interested in participating in 2022, email and tell us a little about yourself!

Year of Poetry and Year of the Novella

Past Alumni

All of our students create something special in the course of their year of writing, with some going on to achieve wider recognition. Vivian Pham wrote an early version of The Coconut Children as part of Year of the Novella in 2017 which has since gone on to be published with Penguin Random House. It led to her being named the Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Australian Novelist in 2021 and winning the Matt Richell Award for New Writer of the Year at the ABIA Awards 2021. Duy Quang Mai’s poetry has been recognised internationally and published in many literary journals. You can buy their writing at the Story Factory bookshop.

Year of the Novella and Year of Poetry  are our open programs for high school aged young people who love to write and want to stretch themselves creatively. Over weekly writing workshops over the course of a year, students commit to writing either a novella or a collection of poetry for professional publication at the end of the year.

If you’re interested in participating in 2022, email and tell us a little about yourself!

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Stories from this Program

Raven’s Eye

By Kai

Imagine waking up in a cell strapped to a chair, how would you feel? Well, this is what happened to Ivan. The metal shackles were cold on Ivan’s wrists and...

Le Demyon

By Lidija

When they got to the town the sun was making its first appearance, which meant it was almost time for the ceremony. Each person aged from 16 to 20 would...


By Zoe

She could sip wine from the caverns created by my collar bones during my witching hour heartbreak, quench the thirst of my dying marrow with the golden residue her lips...


By Tinoosh

The detective walked into the crowded office; it was bustling with noise. People were running around, papers were scattered all over the floor, and he could hear yells through the...


By Isaiah

Driving into Lovewill is surprisingly remarkable; the winding mountain road, like a tongue, wrapped around the humble icy hills and farmland that reaches out and fills the horizon. The road...

G.I.R.L. after Tyler Walter

By Bea

a girl can help you find the child you lost long before you knew what a girl was. a girl can be purple or green or blue or red in...

I want to say this together

By Naikbakht

I want to say from me from you from others from the story of Layla and Majnun the destinies between Earth and Moon the spirit of stars around sky my...

Until the Sun Sets

By Nickie

I handed the receptionist a black fountain pen debossed with the outline of a gold nerine flower. He adjusted his glasses to take a closer look and glanced up at...


By Asha

And in the wisdom of the eyes She passes down the tales of what she’s seen before her Why some things are the way they are And how things came...

Where have we gone

By Jihad

When the world goes Silent into the endless Sea we call our Perilous mind creating insane Illusions, keeping us alive Amidst a sea of temporary Loss which none believe Our...

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