Meet Jennayah

JULY 2016

Jennayah is one of our always energetic Redfern Jarjum College students, and last term she put in a stellar effort.

The group were working on creating the stories of a motley crew of apartment block residents, Jennayah's character being Captain America - although perhaps not quite the superhero you've come to know through Marvel. She gave him a baby to look after, and a dog, and spends most of his time being a superhero to his family rather than the American government.

But it's not just for her terrific story that Jennayah is July's Student of the Month, it's her dedication. Each week she was the first at her desk writing, and was keen to update students who had missed a week as to where we were up to. She worked incredibly hard and was a shining role model for her peers and for that Jennayah, we applaud you!

Here's an extract from her story:

"Captain America works. He saves the city from Venom who is trying to take it over. The battles finishes at 7am. He has breakfast, eggs and bacon. He visits his mum but his mum is not there. He decides to visit Iron Man. They play chess and Iron Man beats him in chess. They wish each other a good game. Captain America discovers that his mother has been captured by Fawn’s brother. He feels angry. He goes to get Hulk and the two of them together smash Viper at his castle. They take the mum back to the apartment. Hulk meets Captain America’s baby - Hulk Baby. They have dinner - pork, chops, mash potato. The dog has full sugar Coke to drink. The baby, out of the blue, hits the dog. Then the dog bites it on the neck. Mum says, “You need to take control of the dog and give it to my husband -Captain America.” She takes the baby to the hospital. Hulk and Captain America take the dog to the dad’s house. The dog doesn’t want to leave Captain America."