Snorkelling: I always knew it was hard and now I had to face it. Today I came out to  snorkel with my aunt, uncle, mum, dad and sister. Apparently the snorkel that I was  using was lucky, but I didn’t believe any of that. Everyone had a go, and it was only me  and my sister left. So I put on my ‘lucky’ snorkel and holding hands with my sister, went  out. It was very beautiful seeing wonderful fish around me in the endless and quiet  waters. 

Suddenly I spotted something. It was a PLASTIC BAG. I was told in school that these  are really bad for turtles and there were a lot around here. So I gestured to my sister  and she knew exactly what I was talking about. We swam to the bag and I quickly  smushed it in my pocket. But what was this? A turtle started swimming toward us. It had  a green shell, and a small head so I couldn’t see its eyes. I can hear the flapping of its  finds and my own breath in detail. As it came closer, I could taste the salty water and the  coral flying around, gushing into my mouth. My legs felt cold and as I looked at my  sister, she was excited and confused, happy, gesturing towards the mysterious turtle.  


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