Museum of Me: My Teddy Bear

An object that’s important to me is my teddy bear that is Shawn the sheep. This is really important because when I was born I was in the hospital for about a week and my grandma got this teddy bear as I got older it started becoming my best friend. 

I would go everywhere with it. I would feed it, shower it, but I thought it would drown. Once I lost it and cried for  the whole day because he was also my knight and at night time I got scared that the monsters would try to eat me. I would also even prank my mum with the teddy bear. I would get my white t-shirt and paint them to look scary. I used so many of my shirts that I had none left.

Another important object to me is a blanket that my grandma gave me before I moved to Australia. As soon as I sleep with this blanket it makes me feel as if I’m sleeping with my grandma because whenever I went to my grandmas we would sleep with that blanket.


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