My Story: Untitled

Me, Wayne and Sarah met up on a hot, dark Hawaiian beach at ten o’clock at night.  Sarah came in a big purple dune buggy, it was funny because we were all supposed to  be walking. We saw a turtle and a dolphin, then we found a rainbow fossil. It was in the  different coloured ocean where we were swimming. It was exciting and I picked it up. It  felt nice; it was smooth and heavy.  

I showed my friends the fossil and they were excited. I nearly fell over with excitement, I  screamed, my heart was beating fast. I couldn’t wait to find out if it had magic powers. It  was pointy, it was the size of a water bottle, coloured red, yellow, orange, blue, green,  pink and purple in swirls. I pointed it at Wayne. 

Suddenly, he started sparkling, a tail formed behind him, his body became long like a  pony, he got a white mane and a horn formed on his forehead. I screamed. I felt awkward, I wondered if he could fly or if I could ride him? He galloped fast down  the beach. Me and Sarah went home to our cabin, wondering if he would come back. 

“Should we turn more people into unicorns?” I question Sarah. 

“That’s a great idea. We want to make everyone turn into a unicorn, to make changes to  the world.” 

“Yes, we should because people should be kinder and have more friends, like a  unicorn.” 

We ended up finishing the conversation and starting to go to bed. Wayne did not come  back. We went to sleep wondering if he would ever come back. 


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