50 Word Story: Untitled

By Olivia

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Roxy, my rottweiler.
She’s very hyperactive. She’d scratch on the screen door and try to jump in the window.
Sometimes she managed to get in.
She accidentally killed our pet rabbit and afterwards she would sook.
I told her she was a naughty girl. She cried more. She tried to touch the rabbit.
She wasn’t aggressive but she’d jump all the time. 

I had a horse named patches.
We bought it online, I had it delivered to our farm in Oose in Tasmania.
When we got her she had no eye. It was just skin over it.
We had to move and get rid of her but just before we got to ride it.
It just went slowly. It was very easy going. Her name was patches. 

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