Black Red

By SJ, Year 11

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Depression is a monster that eats away at people’s minds
Anxiety eats away all your self-esteem
My nights are long
My days are short
Even nature doesn’t seem perfect anymore
Falling in a dark hole, with no way out
Fast and cold living, forever drinking red running blood
Punches thrown
People falling
Pain is everywhere
Tears running down their face
Shoulders slouching
Emotions running wild
Loudness hurting my head
Making it ache.
A star that lives under the sea
The imagination you have when you’re sleeping
The words flowing through my mind
Crashing water, splashing into each other
Yellow, furry, bouncing ball
That you hit with a bat
Brightens up the day, and your day
Loud, scary, annoying when it rains
Yellow and sweet, nice when it’s beat.

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