Mood Poem: Untitled

By Gianni, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Boredom, nothing, empty, unloading the dishwasher, chores.
Rage, swears, impatient, waiting in line, hearing screeching and shouting, anger.
Impatience, waiting for the new Star Wars movie for six months, trying to find leaks.

And then I had a vacation. 

Happiness is when I go to Universal Studios and have a ball.
Pride is when I try something new like Schnitzel and feel like I’m reading an amazing book.
Inspiration is when I go to the movies with my aunty and feel like I can make this.
Sleepiness is like sleeping on a very comfy cloud. 

And I will always be resplendent and impress myself on how happy I can be.

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