Museum of Me: Untitled

By Kevin, Stage 3

Written as part of We're Writing to Say


The goblin is short, has long ears, and a sharp nose. It wears a tiny shirt and has sport pants. It is mostly brain dumb as it only likes money. It spends most of its time eating chicken nuggets. It smells like a garbage bin. It’s important as it grabs me food and makes money for me. Also it is cheeky and steals random cans of food. 

$100 Billion Raining over a Statue of Me

This is a statue of me. It stands proudly, happy about the life that I’ve had. The money comes from the goblins, which they put in a box to be rained over me. Every month 20% of the money earned will go to charity and help the world. Visitors can donate money, which will burst from the roof and fall into the pool. In the pool will be statues of my friends swimming in it. It is important as it is all my money. 

My Friends Throwing Poop at each other

My friends throwing poop at each other is the main thing in my museum. It entertains the visitors as poop splatters everywhere. Sometimes I join in the fun as it gets boring at times. After a mess is made, the goblins make houses for their family. It’s important due to it making my day. The poop doesn’t smell as we wear protective gear.

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