Museum of Me: Untitled

By Ramel

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

Object: My perfume

This object is perfume. It is a rectangular prism glass that has a golden colour cap and a very sweet smell when used. I got my perfume a month before I came to Australia and I first used it when I was in the Jordanian Airport before going to Australia. I only use it for very special occasions. What makes it special to me is that whenever I use it, it always reminds of the excitement I had when I first arrived in Australia. 

Object: My Yu-Gi-Oh card collection.

These objects are a collection of a card game. They are made of cardboard and made into small rectangles and each of them has a picture on it and a description of it’s unique powers. I got my cards because I used to love the show they had on TV. I always liked playing against my friends because I had the best three cards according to the TV show; I had got them all in one pack of cards that I bought. 

Object: My necklace

This object is a 21 carat gold necklace that has a golden cross and a golden “R” hanging on it. I got this object from my family as a gift after my first communion. This object is very dear to me and I only use it on very special events.

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