The man who fell in love with an ice-cream cone

By Asal

Written as part of We're Writing to Say

The boy walked slowly as he went to the shops to buy gum, so he doesn’t have to get the gum off the floor. That gum had people stepping on it, and that was disgusting. Then a man came and said, “You can’t buy gum from this shop, you have to buy it from Candyland.” Another man from the ice cream shop says, “Come and get ice-cream, when you chew it, it turns into gum.”

He gets sour blue raspberry flavoured ice-cream. He tastes it and falls in love. All of a sudden it turns into gum, and it’s frozen too. He wanders away, and looks back, and goes into the choc-marshmallow fountain and dips his whole head in it. He can’t stop. He finds his true love – a big ice-cream cone with a cherry on top. They live happily ever after. 

He couldn’t help himself though; he eats it all up.

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