By Herman

Written as part of A User's Guide to a Pandemic

Independence is the mice against the unnerving winds.

Gratitude is the clouds above us, unreachable and


Euphoria is being immersed in the treacherous and daring

depths of life.

Resilience is the lion’s mane.

Acceptance is the cool summer breeze genially sweeping into

the thoughts and feelings and empowering it

As I wonder how fickle the human experience is and the reality

that has evolved, I begin to notice:

Independence is the urge to brave the cold winds through

its skeletal fingers

Gratitude is the genial ticking of the clocks.

Euphoria is the butterfly that nests in the lion’s nest, imbibed

in nature’s calling with a smile on their face.

Resilience is the bounce that reverberates

Acceptance is the stillness drenched in raging waters.

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