Beck's song reader concert a sell-out success!


What a way to end the year! Our Song Reader concert on Wednesday, 19th December, at The Standard was a sell-out success and a brilliant night. Dappled Cities, Josh Pyke, Caitlin Park, Jonathan Boulet, Richard in Your Mind, Brian Campeau and others played their unique, original versions of Beck's latest act of musical defiance, Song Reader - his latest songs available only as a beautifully illustrated collection of sheet music, released by Dave Eggers' publishing house, McSweeneys. A highlight was Sarah Blasko narrating a story by Irene Zhong, an eight-year-old student at the Sydney Story Factory, about fog engulfing a show and a mysterious ghost baby. The story was dramatised in unforgettable fashion by Brendan Cowell and his two nephews, Sam and Ben Fraser, who just quietly stole the show. The night raised well over $10,000 for the Sydney Story Factory. Huge, huge thanks to everyone involved particularly the amazing Steph Harmon (organiser extraordinaire), Caitlin Welsh (whose excellent idea it all was), Brian Campeau (musical director, genius), the wonderful musicians who gave up their time and talent for free, The Standard for being a rocking venue, Matt Roden for making it all look so good, Sarah Blasko and the Cowell Family for (almost) not laughing, all 600+ of you who came along, and Beck for making it all possible. Photo: Ken Leanfore