Secret Society by Leyani

Sabella and her friend Katey were playing outside but then it started to rain so they started playing hide and seek inside. Sabella was counting for the whole rounds, Katey hid in the wardrobe. She fell backwards and saw a tunnel behind her. She slid down the tunnel and found herself in the Enchanted Forest. Here on the ground she saw a missing puzzle and thought it meant something. She picked it up and put it in her pocket, and she looked around to see if anyone could help her. An elf came up to her, and said, “Have you seen a badger?” “Yes I have seen it, your badger is near the big tree but first, do you know where the exit is?” asked Katey. Just then Sabella came whizzing down next to her.

“No, there is no exit. You have to find the missing puzzles,” the elf replied.

“WHAT! How am I able to get the rest of the missing pieces of the puzzles?” Sabella said. “Come to my house and I will explain it,” the elf said. On the way to the elf’s house they heard a noise.

“Oh no, not a giant,” said Sabella. There in front of them was an ugly, huge, bald-on-the-head but hairy everywhere else giant, with strange, roughly cut fingernails.

They knew there was only one way to escape: using Katey’s moon pendant. They angled it towards the light and it hit the light back into the giant’s eyes. He was blinded and tripped over, and luckily didn’t land on them.

They hid behind a big bush. “Ow!” said Sabella. She realised she was sitting on a rose bush. Wait, it was another clue! When she jumped up she saw in front of her the two missing pieces of the puzzle. “This is what we’ve been searching for.” One piece had an interesting symbol on it. Katey knew how to solve this mystery because she was an expert at jigsaw puzzles and interesting patterns. Also, her mum from Egypt knew about hieroglyphics.

It led them to an old book called Symbols of Secret Societies. Inside it showed them a picture of the same symbol on one of the missing puzzle pieces. It said, The Pride and Freedom Agency of Alchemists.

Sabella realised they needed that piece to get home. They searched and searched until suddenly the badger said to them, “Come with me, I’ll show you the way because now you have used teamwork to solve the puzzle.” That was it! They fell back out of the wardrobe and ran downstairs in time for dinner.

Of course, their mothers never believed them.