30-Minute Fairy Tales

30-Minute Fairy Tales

20 Nov 2012

On Sundays, kids 7-18 are writing their own fairy tales against a ticking clock.

Find out what happens to a modern Cinderella, her Prince, and other characters you thought you knew.


Victor the King

By Jielun Zhang

Age 8

Once upon a time, a king called Victor lived in a royal palace. He had a shiny cape and a golden crown. All day he sat in the royal palace with his helpers. He was 84 years old. He did nothing all day.

But one day, he went exploring, looking for wild animals in a cave. Suddenly, a blood sucking bat came out of a hole. Luckily, the king ran out of the cave. Then, the bat came out and had a fight with him. The king punched his wing, but then he fell down and passed away.

The bat lived happily ever after, and a cockroach ate the king.




Victor the brave Prince

By Jielun Zhang

Age 8

Once upon a time, there was a prince called Victor, who always kissed his girlfriend. He had black hair, yellow skin, a big mouth, and blue eyes. He liked to kiss his girlfriend on his horse.

One day, he was going out to hunt and he saw a witch. The witch had short legs, a magic wand, a pet frog, and a crown. Her face was green and ugly. Victor was worried when he saw the witch. The witch took her wand out. She said, “I will kill you!”… but Victor took his sword out and said “You can‘t kill me!” Then, Victor chopped the witch’s wand in half and killed the witch.

Victor lived happily ever after, kissing his girlfriend.



Snow White and the Robber

By Vicky Li

Age 7

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Snow White. Snow White has white skin, red lips, and is very beautiful. She was also very kind.

Snow White lived in a big house in a big city. She lived with her mother and father and loved them very much. Every time Snow White saw an animal, she sang them a beautiful song.

On a dark, quiet night when Snow White was fast asleep, something disturbing happened!

A robber entered the house through a window. It was unlocked so he lifted up the window and climbed in with the help of the ladder. He was dressed in black and white clothes with a black mask that covered his whole face, but not his eyes.

The robber spotted Snow White’s money at her desk and he tiptoed quietly over and stole the money and put it in his pocket.

He saw a door was open and when he looked, he saw Snow White’s mom and dad inside. He stole Snow White’s mom and dad while they were sleeping and put them in a bad.

When Snow White woke up, she saw her mom and dad were gone and thought, “Oh, no! Mum and dad are gone!” Then she looked at her desk and saw there was no money there.

Snow White decided she needed to look for her mom and dad. She searched everywhere- the city and even the forest, but she didn’t search her own house.

She asked everybody if they knew where the robber lived. A talking blue bird told her where to find his house. He said, “Follow me!” so Snow White followed the blue bird to the robber’s house. The house was all black and it was near the forest.

Snow White waited until night time when it was dark and she tipey-toed to the robber’s front door, but the door was locked. She found a key at the front door- the robber must have dropped it!

She found a key at the front door- the robber must have dropped it!

Snow White went inside and spotted her mum and dad and her money. Mum and Dad couldn’t say anything because they had a cover over their mouths. Snow White quickly got Mum, Dad and her money, and took them back to her house. The blue bird went back to his house to sleep.

They all lived happily ever after!

The End



By Victor Li

Age 8

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Jielun who was clever, but a little bit naughty. Jielun liked to explore. Jielun has pink eyes. Jielun’s parents told him to never to in caves because he might get lost, but one day he was playing with his friend Victor.

Then, Jielun followed him into the cave. Inside, he found a treasure with diamonds inside. But in the shadows was a goblin. The goblin had warts on his nose and had red eyes that glowed in the dark. The goblin used the treasure to capture children and made them his slaves to mine diamonds. The goblin captured Victor and he put him in chains. While the goblin was capturing Victor, Jielun hid the diamonds.

“I have your diamonds,” Jielun tells the goblin, but the goblin said, “I don’t believe you!”

Jielun responded, “Come and look in the chest!”

The goblin ran to the chest and saw it was empty. He turned around and saw Jielun had diamonds in his hand. Then, Jielun threw the diamonds into the air above the mine. The goblin was desperate to save the diamonds and he jumped up into the air to save it. He was above the mine, but fell into the mine, screaming, “AHHHH!”

Jielun took the chain off all of the children. He and Victor took the diamonds home and they lived happily ever after.


The Drama in …

By Elaine Zhong

Age 10

Once upon a time (about a week ago actually), there lived a girl called Lovely Locks that had long,   neat blond hair and lived in a hair salon with her stepmother. The stepmother was mean because she made Lovely Locks sleep in an old, wooden room on an uncomfortable bed. Lovely Locks had been living with her stepmother since her father passed away. Lovely Locks is a slave and just sweeps hair all day long. She is not allowed to go outside so she’s always alone.

Every day, 10 members of the royal family come to get their hair done. The members were always rude, picky, and treated Lovely Locks like a slave when she actually really wanted to do their hair and she had studied lots of amazing hair styles. She is quite talented because she practices on the wigs in her room, but she is banned from doing their hair.

One day, when the members of the royal family, who are a mean, old bunch of ladies and always take stepmother’s side, came. Lovely Locks was sweeping hair when she accidentally tipped hair onto one of the ladies. The ladies were really angry and decided to boycott the business. As a result, the business was no longer making any profit and rapidly went broke. But, on the very day of the closure, the stepmother abandoned Lovely Locks. No one but the prince came in. The prince had short, brown hair and was in need of a cut.

When the prince came in, he immediately saw Lovely Locks’ beautiful long, blond hair so he asked her to cut his hair and the stepmother was stunned, but she let Lovely Locks cut his hair out of desperation. The stepmother threatened her to do it perfectly, but Lovely Locks’ inner-confidence started to shine and she cut his hair to perfection. When he looked in the mirror, he proposed to Lovely locks and she exclaimed in a very happy voice, “Yes!” The prince whisked her away to his palace and gave the stepmother enough money to continue her business and they lived happily ever after.


Joe and Moe and the Sumo Wrestler

By Madeleine Sheppard J

It was a warm summer’s evening in Kentucky. Two boys were lazily sitting on their living room couch. Their names were Joe and Moe- they are twin brothers, No one could tell them apart, not even their mother. Their mother was a rapper and just came back from a rap battle. Then suddenly, she forgot her trophy that she won.

She said to Joe and Moe, “I forgot my trophy. I’m just going to get it, while I’m gone. Do not touch my new epic rap battle records from the 1980’s.”

Joe and Moe were not paying attention to her, so they walked away. As they were walking up the stairs, there was a mysterious knock at the door.

“Joe, go open the door,” said Moe.

“No,” said Joe.

“You do it,” said Moe.

“No, you do it- you baby!” said Joe.

Suddenly, the door was kicked open by a sumo wrestler. He was over 500 kilograms and came from Uzbekistan. He went into Joe and Moe’s mother’s room and accidentally sat on their mother’s stack of 1980’s rap battle records.

“Oops,” said the sumo wrestler.

“You big fat idiot. You crushed our mother’s records!” they shouted.

The sumo wrestler managed to get up, but suddenly he tripped and fell down the stairs. After he got down the stairs, he couldn’t get through the door.

Joe and Moe screamed at the top of their lungs and started pushing.

They finally got him out and the sumo wrestler went rolling down the street and got hit by a tram.

Mother forgot to call them. When she was on her way back, she saw the house was completely destroyed.

“You lazy excuses for children. You are grounded for a year!” she yelled.

When she walked up the stairs, she found that her records were crushed and Joe and Moe were crushed. Joe and Moe were grounded FOREVER!!!




Xiǎo Song dang jia: Xiǎo Song’s mysterious problems

By Irene Zhong

Age 8

One day, there was a boy called Xiǎo Song and he lived in a shop near his house with his aunty.

He had a magic book that he read when he has a problem. It gives him answers, but he still had to look for them. He gets magic powers, which makes it easier to find answers.

Then ext day, a bad person came to the shop and Xiǎo Song was not there, but his aunty was. The bad person came in front of the shop and pretended to be poor to make the aunty trust him and feel sorry for him. The aunty was too trusting and gave away all their money in return for a pearl necklace.

When the man went away, Xiǎo Song was on the way to walk home and saw all the money, he counted all the money he had and went back to the shop…




Yosra Darawshe

Age 11

Once upon a time, there lived a poor man of the name Geoffrey. He and his wide could not pay for their daily needs, such as food and their cattle were old and sickly, making them useless to keep. Their children were riddled with an incurable disease, and in their state of poverty, nothing could save them. The disadvantaged family owned a small, unstable hut with very little space to house five malnutritioned people, and there was no area to rest their aching bones from peasant work.

Each month, a rich, intoxicated and bearded tax collector paraded through the streets with a rusty bell and ordered with a firm Scottish accent for the men of the village to pay. Each lower-classed individual profoundly feared the “messenger of Beelzebub,” like the plague or epidemic.

“We need a solution. Where will we seek out fortune, dear husband?” his wife lamented in great grief.

Suddenly, Geoffrey sprung an intuitive, yet truly harsh suggestion that could…



The Modern Cinderella

By Phillip Tau

Year 12

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who had a very “cruel” mother and two arguably ugly sisters who picked on her.

“Mom, you never listen to me. I want an iPad, not iPod!” she cried in thought against her mother. “You’re the worst.”

“They keep wearing my clothes,” she mourned on Twitter. The young Cinderella thought everything was against her when she was provided an abundance of electronics, and clothes: an iPod, iPad, iPhone, and even her very own wardrobe of Chanel dresses and handbags. One day, she wanted to go to a party, but her stepmother grounded her for spending thousands of dollars with her credit card.

“No! I have to go! I never did anything to you!” she cried.

Arguing over and over, her fairy godmother- or rather her father- finally let her be. He drove her to the part, sending her away with her million Chanel branded items and an iPhone in hand, she ran to meet her prince, ignoring her fairy godmother as he advised her, “I’ll pick you up at ten, sweetie!”

The party was extravagant- music pumping, people jumping and clothing brands fluttered everywhere. Unfortunately, her prince in shining armour of Levi pants and a G-Star singlet lost her in the part. But out prince didn’t need no magic slipper to fly. He got out his iPhone and called for “Cinderella” and they… lived happily ever after, until they broke up in a week.



Tony Zhen

Year 12

Once upon a time, a little girl lived with her grandmother in a very poor area of Sydney. Despite living in extremely poor conditions, they both led very peaceful lives. However, one day, a life-changing mishap occurred. The girl’s grandmother was diagnosed with influenza, and needed immediate medical attention.

“My girl,” grandmother choked. “I do not have much longer… to live. Please… dial triple zero…”

“But grandma, the phone has stopped working. The phone company has cut off our usage because our bill was not paid for 3 months. Remember?” the girl replied.

Her grandmother coughed violently, throwing her rotten breath into the little room. The girl stood there, disgusted. “Ma, cover your mouth when you cough please. It’s common courtesy,” she growled.

“Please… help… me,” her grandmother choked.

The girl rolled her eyes and sighed with irritation. “You want Panadol? Demazyne? Or Dimetapp?” she mumbled.

Grandma’s chest heaved violently again as another ear-piercing cough blasted from her mouth.

“I’ll go to the chemist, Ma, if you want, but I’ll be back in an hour because I want to check out the latest version of Windows 8 from Dicks SMITH.”

The girl grabbed her keys and headed towards the door. “And you better not touch my things while I’m away, you ratbag!” she growled.

Grandma replied with a loud sneeze.

Irritated, the girl stormed out of the house, shoved her keys in the car ignition and shot off into the distance.

After arriving home 2 hours later, the girl carrying her Windows 8 Ultimate in her arm trotted into the house. Upon entering into the hallway, she perceived something to be very wrong. She immediately sprinted into the room and looked vigilantly around.

Her things had not been touched.

She signed and walked into her grandma’s room and saw her sleeping soundly in.”Sorry ma, forgot to get your medication. I’ll do it tomorrow.” She left the room.

“You’re lucky you didn’t touch my things!”



Clickity clack

By Teresa Lu

*Clickity clack* *clickity clack*

The constant tapping of a hard object against metal echoes through the empty house.

“Pepo!” came a voice. “Stop fussing. I’m coming.”

A small blue budgie flicked its head in annoyance. Pepo trotted up and down until something caught his eye. From the window, he could see a bold green and yellow budgie perched on the highest branch of the decade old apple tree.

Pepo sighed at the other birds’ freedom. He was a domestic bird, so he had never learnt to fly or hunt. Therefore, escaping wasn’t an option. He must have been thinking aloud again because a loud purr attracted Pepo’s attention.

“I can help you,” said the new voice after purring.

Pepo looked down from his cage to see Timmy, the fat ginger cat from next door struggling to climb up the tall fence in order to jump onto the window sill. Pepo’s eye followed the cat’s movement. It clawed its way up the fence slipping down every second or so. When he finally got to the top, Timmy was unable to balance his weight, tumbling down the fence onto his feet.

“Pepo, my friend,” he began sweetly. “I can teach you how to fly.”

Pepo snorted, “You teach me?” in disbelief.

“Yes, Pepo.” Timmy said again. “I can grant you freedom.”

The word: freedom floated above Pepo’s head and suddenly he was convinced. So he unlocked the little cage doors and sat comfortably on the edge of the windowsill.

“Spread out your wings,” instructed Timmy. “And close your eyes.”

Pepo did as he was told, closing his eyes.

“Now jump!”

Pepo jumped, leaving the window sill. For a moment, he glided. He opened his eye, but only saw a dark hole- the hole of the fat ginger cat’s open mouth.

All went black for Pepo. The words his owner had told him earlier came into his mind.

“I don’t like that cat, Pepo!” he insisted. “He is always looking at you with those hungry eyes.”

Suddenly, there was light. His owner was holding Pepo by his tail feathers and Timmy in the other.

“Phew,” the owner sighed. “I’m glad I got home in time.”



By Arnie Walsh

It was Mordechai Anderson’s 18th birthday. He was having a pool party, with fancy sandwiches and drinks. When it came to present time, Mordechai received a top hat, a toy sword, and a taser gun. Finally, his dad presented him with his gift.

“Happy Birthday, son!” cheered his dad as he handed him a blue present, with a green ribbon attached. Mordechai tore off the wrapping. Inside was a golden crown with a mystical jewel on it.

“Wow, some gift, Dad” scoffed Mordechai. “Do you really expect me to wear this?” Suddenly, a wizard materialized before their very eyes.

“If you don’t want it, I do!” cackled the wizard as he snatched the crown. “Mwa ha ha ha!” And he disappeared with a colossal flash of blinding light.

“Oh, no!” screamed Mordechai’s dad. “That crown grants unlimited power to whoever wears it! We have to stop that wizard before he takes over the world!”

“But how dad?” questioned Mordechai.

“Leave that to me,” said dad. He grabbed Mordechai’s sword and top hat. “Gladius et capello optimus est. Veni nobiscum!”

Suddnely, the sword and hat transformed. The hat grew wings and the sword turned to steel and began to burn. “These items are now enchanted,” explained dad. “You will have to go stop the wizard. I’ve arranged that Cerberus is to take you. Me and Hades are close friends.”

A hole opened in the ground and three dogs’ heads emerged. Mordechai climbed aboard Cerberus. The dog leapt into the air. Clouds drifted past and birds shot past. Ahead, Mordechai could see a storm drawing nearer. Then, a thunderbolt fired at Cerberus. With a yelp, he came crashing towards the ground. Below was a forest, lush and green.



A Ghost Story

By Lilia Wasley

Once upon a time there was a house called Scary Demon House. It was a dark house. It was on Sesame Street. It has demons and ghosts. Me and my cuz went into the house. People say, “You go in but you don’t come out.” So, me and my cuz went in the dark house. It was very scary. M name was Chelsea and my cuz’s name was

Charlie. My cuz Charlie could hear things. I could not hear anything. Then, I went upstairs and I saw a shadow walk past. I thought I was seeing things, so I went back downstairs and I heard someone say, “I’m coming for you. Get out!” Charlie was stiff as a board. The demon got my cuz and I got out, but my cuz was still in there, so I called the cops. He was dead, but alive. It was bad and good. He died bad. I survived good. The end.



The Prince and the Princess

By Shania Wasley

One day, a girl called Shana (me) and her friend Ben was walking in a castle and her friend Ben said, “I am a prince.”

I said, “Wow! You are? I would be if I could be a princess.”

The next day, I woke up and my mum and dad were gone. I looked for them all day. I am too tired to look for them. I am going to bed and I found a letter that read,

“To Shania: You are a princess and the demons have got us. Help us! We need your help!”

Then, I said, “I’ll call Ben. He will know what to do.” So I did and said, “Ben, can you come over to my house? My parents are gone. I need you to help me. Please, Ben!”

Ben said, “Yes, I will help you. Ok.”

I found my parents in the end and Ben is now my best friend.

The end.



 A Friendly Alien

By Michael Delaney

Once upon a time, there lived an alien called Timbukto. He loved all his family and friends, until one day!

He went out to his friend Thunuka’s house that had an alien portal to a far-away galaxy. The galaxy is called Hukanuckcalla. “Hey Timbuckto! Do you want to join me for a game called Hukanuckcalla?” his friend asked.

“Sure. I will be the bounty hunter,” Timbuckto said.

So they stated the portal, which Timbuckto thought was a game.

“VVVVWOOP!” the portal started up.

“AAAGHHH! Help me, Thunuka. Why have you done this to…”

While he is in the portal, he sees a snake creature. “Aww. You’re a cute snake,” Timbuckto said.

Suddenly, the snake looked like this …

It is called δξϖιΨ!