A Super Cleaners First Experience With Invading Aliens

A Super Cleaners First Experience With Invading Aliens

10 Oct 2012


Illustration by Emma Pavlich

Our story begins at the beach everyone is having fun running, swimming, surfing and building sand castles.

It’s a hot sunny summer’s day. Suddenly the sky turns dark and grey rain filled clouds gather around the beach lightning flashes and it starts raining dramatically. Then an alien ship appears out of the sky with many other ships to accompany it. Everyone flees including the police at least nearly everyone only one person remains which happened to be the town’s hero cleaner named Licton, he had brown hair black eyes, a black cape, black jeans, smart tie, belt and shoes.

Suddenly, the ground cracks and he feels himself falling into an unknown battle field with aliens surrounding him. They were all holding some weird rocket launchers shaped like a guitar. Urgently he tried to turn his vacuum cleaner into a forcefield, but it didn’t work. All his tools were out of action. Frantically he turned on his super suction vacuum cleaner hoping it would suck the aliens in.

Amazingly, it did. And it could fit all the aliens and robots in as well.

After the vacuum cleaner had sucked everything up he shoved his broom in to clog it up and keep everything inside.

After the battle was completely over a few people came into view, then 1000 then 100000, and suddenly the whole world seemed to be gathering around him from boats, cars, trains, planes, and even helicopters every vehicle you can think of was fighting over parking spaces. News reporters were coming from every part of the world to see this tremendous event, even the king was there in his royal car. Everyone in the world was the ranging from a half born baby to the oldest man in the world aged 972 to be exact. After the crowd or more probably the country had settled down, the king said “I honour you Sir Licton Delitan and I reward you the badge of never failing.


Kalaish Stanley

My name is Kalaish Stanley. I am 8. I got inspired to write when I first read Roald Dahl books. Since then I have always liked writing my favourite topic is maths, I am very good at maths because I used to play with maths toys and puzzles when I was a baby. My favourite sport is soccer, although I don’t watch sport.