Our after school online writing workshops are a free online space where young people can write, write, write.

All workshops are facilitated by our Story Factory Storytellers and are a space to write, develop ideas, and access support in creating a piece of writing from both professional writers and your fellow students.

Story Factory is a Work Development Order (WDO) sponsor, meaning that if you get a fine you can write it off by participating in our workshops. Send us an email for more information.

Interested in attending an online workshop but getting online is a problem? We have SIMS and data for eligible students to help with internet access. Please get in touch.

You can read about our writing workshops apply to join one below. Our focus is, as always, on young people in under-resourced communities. Places are limited and we will prioritise registrations for those who have less access to resources.


No holiday workshops are currently available. But make sure you check back when it’s nearing the holidays.


Listen Hear 

Students: High School 
Dates: Mondays during Term Four (eight weeks)
Time: 4pm-5:30pm
Place: Online via Zoom
Types of writing: Spoken-word Poetry, Written Poems, Monologues, Scripts, Rap, Podcasts, Radio plays, Stand-up acts  

Listen Hear is a space for you to write and perform spoken-word poetry. You can come with a performance piece you have already written, or just an idea you want to develop into a piece of writing. You’ll refine your writing and practice sharing and performing it with an online audience. 

We will have activities ready each week to help you come up with new ideas if you’re feeling stuck, and tips for performing your pieces in the best possible way.

Control Alt. Edit 

Students: High School 
Dates: Tuesday during Term Four (eight weeks)
Time: 4pm-5:30pm
Place: Online via Zoom
Types of writing: Novels, Novellas, Screenplays, Scripts, Short Stories, Creative Nonfiction
Presentation: An online journal collecting the best work from the term

To improve their writing, authors often share their work with small groups of people to get feedback, to polish their work, and to make sure it’s the best version it can be before it goes out into the world. 

Control Alt. Edit is there if you’re a keen writer, and want to join a writers group where you can share your writing (your ideas, your drafts, your questions) with a group of other writers. If you’re feeling stuck with your writing, or you’re unsure if the story you’ve been working on makes sense, or will connect with an audience, come test your work with other writers and see how you might improve your work, and help them do the same.

Mini Myths

Students: Primary School
Dates: Wednesdays during Term Four (eight weeks)
Time: 4pm-5pm
Place: Online via Zoom

In Mini Myths, we’ll write all about the everyday objects in your houses, bringing them to life, giving them personalities, and sending them on exciting adventures!

We’ll practice making unique characters with their own hopes and dreams and fears and wishes, and write their epic tales. We’ll publish all the writing into an ebook to share with your friends and family at the end of the term.

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Story Factory exists to bring the joy of storytelling to kids in under-resourced communities. But we recognise that right now, in these unprecedented times, we need to help all kids develop their creative writing.

We have made this resource free, but if you’re in a position to make a donation, we ask that you please do. This will help us reach the kids who need it most, now and in the future.