Our after school online writing workshops are a free online space where young people can write, create and dream big.

All workshops are facilitated by our Story Factory Storytellers and are designed to support writing, development of ideas, and for young people to access support in creating a piece of writing from both professional writers and your fellow students.

Story Factory is a Work Development Order (WDO) sponsor, meaning that if you get a fine you can write it off by participating in our workshops. Send us an email for more information.

Interested in attending an online workshop but getting online is a problem? We have SIMS and data for eligible students to help with internet access. Please get in touch.

You can read about our writing workshops apply to join one below. Our focus is, as always, on young people in under-resourced communities. Places are limited and we will prioritise registrations for those who have less access to resources.

Term 3, 2021 Programs – All Online

We’ve got online workshops Sunday – Thursday for both primary school and high school students for the duration of Term 3. Check out the options and apply using the button below.

Point of View

For Grades: 7-12 (high school)
Start Date: Sunday, 25 July 
Day/Time: Sundays, 11am-12:30pm Location: Online

Point of View is a creative writing workshop for all High School students, Years 7-12. If you want to become a better writer – better at creating work and sharing work – join us on Sundays and share your point of view. You can come with stories or poems you’re already working on and we can edit them together, or we can help you come up with brand new ideas and get your work published!

Just Add Ink

For Grades: 3-6 (primary school)
Start Date: Monday, 26 July 
Day/Time:  Mondays, 3:30-5pm Location: Online

Creative writing workshops for Primary students, Years 3-6. This workshop is for everyone interested in becoming a better writer, telling stories, and sharing them with more people!

Control Alt. Edit

For Grades: 7-12 (high school)
Start Date: Tuesday, 27 July
Day/Time: Tuesdays, 3:30-5pm
Location: Online

Control Alt. Edit is there if you’re a keen writer, and want to join a writers group where you can share your writing (your ideas, your drafts, your questions) with a group of other writers. If you’re feeling stuck with your writing, or you’re unsure if the story you’ve been working on makes sense, or will connect with an audience, come test your work with other writers and see how you might improve your work, and help them do the same.


For Grades: 7-12 (high school)
Start date: 4 August
Day/Time: Wednesday, 3:30pm-5pm
Location: online 

So, as you may or may have not noticed, Instapoetry is pretty big. These workshops will introduce you to the genre and explore the inventive ways it’s being used by poets in digital spaces, and to help you create your own work!


For Grades: 3 -6 (primary school)
Start date: 5 August
Day/Time: Thursday, 3:30pm-5pm 
Location: online 

In this program, we create a dinosaur, imagine meeting it, and help it solve a problem and get home! We will practise character creation, problem solving, and how to write a story.

Year-Long Programs 2021

Year of the Novella and Year of Poetry  are our open programs for high school aged young people who love to write and want to stretch themselves creatively. Over weekly writing workshops over the course of a year, students commit to writing either a novella or a collection of poetry for professional publication at the end of the year.

If you’re interested in participating in 2022, email and tell us a little about yourself!


“As a parent, and primary school educator, I was most impressed by the carefully articulated praise and gentle redirection offered by the wonderful Story Factory writing workshop facilitators. The virtual lesson was well scaffolded, with visuals and sentence stems, enabling optimal engagement from all ability and confidence levels. My girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and both commented on how much they enjoyed the session”

– Rea Taoube

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Story Factory exists to bring the joy of storytelling to kids in under-resourced communities.

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