Lethal Silence – Andrew Stevenson

Lethal Silence – Andrew Stevenson

10 Jun 2012


by Andrew Stevenso

Andrew came with his class to a writing workshop in July 2011. The class wrote the beginning of Lethal Silence together (in italics below), then finished it on their own.
As the spaceship hurtled towards earth, Gordon let out a terrifying scream. He was about to land in Santa’s workshop. He thought of life back on his home planet, Mars, where he had an endless supply of space candy and life was good.

Gordon was a slug-like Martian with seven eyes and sunglasses. His irises and body could change colour whenever he liked. He was sent from Mars to brainwash the innocent things who live on earth. Gordon got out of the spaceship and saw lots of elves. He thought they were leprechauns and had already been brainwashed.

Making a joke, he said, ‘I come in pieces.’

The elves stared at him blankly.

He said, ‘Resistance is futile.’

The elves looked at him even more blankly.

He held a piece of space candy and said,‘If you can understand me, you can have this.’

All the elves went to grab the candy. After they started eating it they felt a bit sick.

Santa came in and asked, ‘Who is doing this to my elves?’

Suddenly a big ball of fire hurtled through the atmosphere and out of it jumped Bob. Bob had wings and was an alien in disguise. He had come to save the earth and stop Gordon.


Ultimate Offering

‘Nobody move!’ Bob shouted. Gordon let out a blood-curdling scream as he remembered that ghastly face. It was Bob the Martian Exterminator. Bob was an advanced race of Martian who had been modified so they were gigantic, agile and robust. Bob blatantly spelled danger. All the things Gordon lacked.

Suddenly . . . Gordon pulled out a taser from his leather coat and fired. Gordon was sent flying in the air like a rag doll. Now Gordon was also in agony just like the elves. Bob was hit on the weak spot of his fragile head. Gordon felt the concussion of the blow from the Santa’s chair smashing against Bob’s head.

Santa had come to Gordon’s rescue. Gordon wasn’t so sure if Santa had come to Gordon’s rescue just so he had the honour of obliterating Gordon. He knew darkness was going to rain upon him. But it never came. Bob was down on his knees trying to recover from the hit to his head.

However, Bob glimpsed a tattered piece of parchment with a message: ‘If you find the key, you will find what one desires. Find the belt and you are on your way to glory.’ Bob was puzzled as to what this meant although he had a bigger problem awaiting him. Santa leapt into the air and was about to squash Bob but Bob was an intelligent Martian. He pressed his emergency teleportation button and appeared behind Santa. Bob pushed Santa aside and instead of using his taser, he pulled out an enormous laser from his spaceship and aimed it at Gordon’s slimy head. Gordon knew he was going to be vaporised. He closed all his seven eyes and was prepared for his death.


Gordon gradually opened his eyes and realised he hadn’t moved. There was a major hole beside Gordon but Bob couldn’t have missed so there was something wrong. Bob was tucking his laser back into his spaceship.

‘Gordon, I now realise you are harmless and I am sorry for trying to vaporise you.’

Gordon was confused since a few minutes earlier, Bob was going to obliterate him but now he was being calm and peaceful. Without another word, Bob entered his spaceship and flew away.

Gordon apologised for feeding Santa’s elves space candy as it was ninety per cent toxic to the inhabitants of earth. Gordon looked at the last of his surroundings and leapt into his spaceship. He knew that one day he would figure out his use in life.

About the Author –  Andrew Stevenso

Alexandria Park Community School

In his own words: “‘What up gee! My name is Andrew Stevenson but you can call me Awesome for short. Now getting to the boring bit, there are a few things you have to know about me. I have a sister that probably comes from Mars as well as a mum and dad. I like to read crime and action books. My hobbies are basketball, table tennis and tennis.”

Andrew’s story was published in I Met a Martian and Other Stories, the Sydney Story Factory’s first official anthology.