Art Write Light is a free creative writing project curated by Story Factory, that connects Australian artists with young people in an explosion of creativity over three colourful years.

This year-long project creates opportunities for students to creatively respond to the work of living artists, and to each other, and for this to inform and enrich their approaches to writing and storytelling.  


For our final year of Art Write Light we’re going out with a bang! We’re partnering with local artist and legend Blak Douglas, a contemporary artist with proud Dhungatti Aboriginal origins as our 2021 artist.

Douglas’s works are culturally & politically charged with a sense of irony & hint of sarcasm, perfect to inspire a year of writing with our lucky students.

ARTIST : Blak Douglas
TITLE: Much is rife
SIZE: 100 x 150cm
MEDIUM: Synthetic polymer paint on linen


For Art Write Light 2020, the multi-disciplinary artist Ernest Aaron created three original artworks (above) exploring the fragmented and episodic nature of the modern world, using brilliant colours and pop-culture references.

This work was used as inspiration for students in a series of writing workshops in schools across Western Sydney. 

Aaron shared his creative process, inspiration and artistic aims with students, to which students wrote a sequence of flash fiction pieces exploring and extending elements of Aaron’s work. 

A selection of work created by students in these workshops was featured in an installation and launch event held in November, 2020 at Story Factory Parramatta, created by Esem Projects.

The installation included a light-based installation of student writing and a second artwork from Ernest Aaron responding to the student writing created as part of the project, closing the loop of creative responses.

You can view the online gallery of student work from the installation here.


In 2019 we partnered with Bangarra Dance Theatre and choreographer and dancer Kaine Sultan-Babij, who created and performed a new dance work based on his family totem – the caterpillar. The students wrote about the performance, sharing their writing, which in turn formed the inspiration for another dance work from Sultan-Babij, which was performed at the project’s completion alongside audio-visual installation of the student’s writing.


If you’re at a school serving high populations of marginalised young people (FOEI above 100, or ICSEA below 1,000), contact us on to express your interest.

To get a little taste of the Art Write Light program, these PDFs (in the column on the right of this page) provide two outlines for two of the fun, engaging writing activities we take our students through as part of Art Write Light.

You can download and print these at home any time, so you and your students can get writing and start imagining!




All of the writing created as part of Art Write Light is inventive, exciting and interesting – just like these three excerpts below.


the previous chapters of my life
memories come flooding back
I feel my feet curl to the shape of a skull
the ravens flew over her head
the clock ticks even more furiously
where does this thrill come from?

Saman – Liverpool Boys

I walked backstage almost twenty minutes before my first live show, fans were screaming for one of my songs – Golden. I was in my dressing room practicing my vocals while waiting for my outfit. I could hear the band on stage getting prepped to perform. About five minutes later there was a quiet knock at my door, I opened it carefully to see my stylist holding my outfit for the night. It was beautiful, long white flared pants with six  gold buttons lined perfectly down the middle. A hot pink shirt with flamingos that were only a bit lighter than the shirt covered all over. More hot pink suspenders to go over my shirt, black shoes with little heels that would be covered by my flared pants. To finish the look I picked up a beautiful pearl necklace to tie it all together. I quickly got dressed and ran on stage. Everything was black and I could barely see where I was walking. A velvet curtain was over the front of the stage. I stood in front of my microphone and gave a signal to the band and everyone backstage. Suddenly, the beat dropped and a massive electric guitar began to play, that was my cue to start singing and the curtain in front of us fell. The night went on and it was great. We sold out all of our merchandise and the lights around me were crazy. Fans threw things on stage and I loved everything. The band was all packed up and we decided to go out for dinner afterwards, I congratulated and thanked everyone for all they had done for me. The night was finally over, which meant that I had to go home, and be alone. Doing this is the worst part of my day and I absolutely hated it. You could say I was terrified of being alone in the dark, or you could think I’m a big baby.

Lara – Hoxton Park

The red sun rose over the sea salted rivers, blackening the rows of palm trees and birds that flew across the wide birth of the sun. He breathed out a shaky sigh, the loud chatter of the crowded street deafening him. From his little house on the cliffs behind the forest to the bustling streets of the satellite city. From birds, soaring freely across the open sky, as they slowly disappeared with morning break. The scent of sea, of salted rivers as the wind stayed quiet and the trees froze like statues. The sun approached closer and closer, the burning fire heated the once cold air. To hear splitting honks, and choking musky air. To see roaring people and litter covered ground. People rushing around at a hurried pace, murmuring soft apologises when they bumped into each other. ‘Why here of all places?’ he frowned when he stepped in a puddle, an invitation (more like demand) requesting his presence at a family reunion being held in a taller and shinier apartment. The letter itself was written by an aunt he very much disliked but was being held by his (favourite) cousin. Stopping at the steps of the Conquest Apartment he sucked in a heavy breath, eyes weary and stepped into the white tiled building.

Isabelle – Hoxton Park