Dope Dog by Jonathan

Dope Dog by Jonathan

21 Oct 2018

I am calm/cool and this is the story of Dope Dog.

Some normal day there was a doggo named Zinc. He had some friends. Their
names were Giz, Nala and a foe named Ogo. But by the way Zinc had Snapchat and
his account was Pumpy. He was very famous, he had one million followers on
Instagram. He only followed his fave YouTubers, e.g., Wengie, Max, Jake, Paul
Logan Paul. So anyways he was famous for cooking, Pics, Vid, Vlogs and more. So
this is where the tragic started. “Guys look, the unicorns aren’t farting any more!”
shouted Pumpy. “Oh god,” stressed Giz. “Noooo,” said Nala, “we must buy more

The unicorns were dying and the cheezy, slimy delicious reef was dying too, but then
Boom! Max finally appeared then everything became normal and he greeted his
other doggo friends into his dimension/dog mansion. Because he also had a doggy
mansion and also because he was a doggo. His nickname was Zinc. Zinc was a
Sheba. His friends’ names were Nala, Gizmo and Elizabeth. Nala likes to party all
night, same as the others. The others are all pomeranians.

So they just went in happily. Zinc tried to keep his secret about the pool collapsing
but suddenly he heard a Cimmhhhhbbbllllhk!! Everybody then knew about the pool
and helped. “Guys, psst, don’t talk, it will crack more if we speak.” So they shut their
mouths. They got into the car and then drove away.

They then went to the shops and then they fell down to the ground with their doggy
paws. They found it burnt then knew it was Ugo straight away because they saw
Ugo’s car so they all flipped it at once and questioned life. They got into their car and
quickly drove to another shop, it was burnt shop to shop so they couldn’t find one.
They knew it was their time to die so they just gave up and just went home.
The heat was killing them but they had to survive. The car broke down and they just
tried to play cool and talk to some old folks.