Martian Anthology in stock now!

Martian Anthology in stock now!

26 Jul 2012

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To celebrate the opening of the Sydney Story Factory and Martian Embassy, we’ve published an amazing alien anthology!
It features stories and illustrations by talents such as Deborah Abela, Debra Adelaide, Sunil Badami, Jon Bauer, Larissa Behrendt, James Bradley, Alyssa Brugman, Martin Chatterton, Clare Douglas, Christopher Cheng, Claire Craig, Stephen Dando-Collins, Nick Earls, Terry Whidbourne, Jane Gleeson-White, Kate Gordon, Jacqueline Harvey, Ashley Hay, Andrew Humphreys, Linda Jaivin, Malcom Knox, John Larkin, Nathan Luff, Sarah MacDonald, Georgina MacDonald, William McInnes, Emily Maguire, Melina Marchetta, Sophie Masson, Belinda Murrell, Lachie Murrell, Caroline Overington’s twins, Oliver Phommavanh, Martin Plowman, Michael Pryor, Philip Putnam, R.A. Spratt, Kathleen Stewart, Colin Thompson, John Tranter, Markus Zusak…


… students from Alexandria Park Community School & Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School!

In fact Markus Zusak himself was over heard saying that the quality of the student’s writing was sending him back to the drawing board to try and come up with something half as creative.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go towards running our free workshop programs. Drop by The Martian Embassy and Gift Shop and pick up a copy for yourself today!