Lethal Silence – Minudi De Zoy

Lethal Silence – Minudi De Zoy

10 Jun 2012


by Minudi De Zoy

Minudi came with her class to a writing workshop in July 2011. The class wrote the beginning of Lethal Silence together (in italics below), then finished it on their own.

As the spaceship hurtled towards earth, Gordon let out a terrifying scream. He was about to land in Santa’s workshop. He thought of life back on his home planet, Mars, where he had an endless supply of space candy and life was good.

Gordon was a slug-like Martian with seven eyes and sunglasses. His irises and body could change colour whenever he liked. He was sent from Mars to brainwash the innocent things who live on earth. Gordon got out of the spaceship and saw lots of elves. He thought they were leprechauns and had already been brainwashed.

Making a joke, he said, ‘I come in pieces.’ The elves stared at him blankly.

He said, ‘Resistance is futile.’

The elves looked at him even more blankly. He held a piece of space candy and said,‘If you can understand me, you can have this.’ All the elves went to grab the candy. After they started eating it they felt a bit sick.

Santa came in and asked, ‘Who is doing this to my elves?’

Suddenly a big ball of fire hurtled through the atmosphere and out of it jumped Bob. Bob had wings and was an alien in disguise.

He had come to save the earth and stop Gordon.


Suddenly Gordon screamed and ran about like a headless chook. He saw the wings! He saw the wings! He was terrified of things that can fly! Confused by his reaction, Bob stared blankly with the elves. Finally Bob came out of his trance. He managed to mumble one word: ‘Huh?’

The elves thought this was a dramatic movie so, using their magic, they made delicious popcorn. For some strange reason, Gordon stopped. He recognised the strangely familiar accent. He was a Martian! And now it was Gordon that was staring blankly.

Then Santa let out a thundering roar, using his awesome magic to teleport them to Centre Point Tower. Unfortunately for them, they were teleported to the very tip.

Suddenly Gordon fell! But seeing as Bob was nice, he dived down (risking his life) to save Gordon. He was successful. Suddenly Gordon felt something that he’d never felt before. Happiness.

When seeing this from the sky, the ruler of Mars was furious. If Gordon became nice, he’d feel sorry for the humans and his plan to brainwash earth would be destroyed. So with his selfish mind he came up with a plan. Out of nowhere a beam of light blue came from the sky and right on top of Bob. He started to levitate off the floor and into the air. Then in 3 milliseconds he disappeared along with the light blue beam.

Suddenly Gordon realised that he must save the one person in the Whole Milky Way Galaxy who had saved his life. Using his mechanical parts he conquered his fear of flying things and few to one place Bob would be.


Gordon finally found the ruler of Mars’ spaceship (UFO) and landed on the docking bay. Gordon then made and fought his way through the ship, pushing Martians out of his way. Then he finally made it to the main room where his best and only friend was being held hostage. Gordon was furious.

A tear ran down Bob’s eye (third to the left). Then the ruler of Mars entered the room with an evil glare and a ray gun. The ruler attempted to shoot Gordon, but missed thanks to Gordon’s cool acrobatics skills. So now it was Gordon’s turn. Gordon used his teleporting skills and sent the ruler to the most dangerous place in the whole of the Milky Way

Galaxy—Jupiter’s Big Red Spot.

Gordon freed his best and only pal. Gordon and Bob are now the new rulers of Mars. They live in a luxurious palace on Mars. They both live there with their families. They also made a few changes so that Mars became a better and safer place for all Martians. Gordon and Bob even made peace with Earth.

No one knows whether the old ruler of Mars is even alive. And no one in the whole Milky Way Galaxy will ever find out.

About the Author – Minudi De Zoy

Alexandria Park Community School

In her own words: “Hi. As you already know, my name is Minudi De Zoysa. I am an average eleven-year-old from the twenty-first century. I was lucky enough to be one of the children included in the Pop-up Story Factory writing workshops. Anyway, I was born in 2000. I have a fourteen-year-old brother who loves games and a lovely mother and father. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! I do not know where I would be without them. And that’s a little about me for you to know.”

Minudi’s story was published in I Met a Martian and Other Stories, the Sydney Story Factory’s first official anthology.