National Teacher Survey

National Teacher Survey

19 May 2022

Are you an English teacher at a high school? Or a primary teacher? 

Would you like a chance to WIN ONE OF TEN $100 VISA GIFT CARDS!  

We’re conducting a survey in partnership with 100 Story Building in Melbourne and 826 National in the US. Your answers will help us identify challenges and gaps in the area of creative writing teaching so we can together improve the way we provide quality writing instruction to the young voices of today. Complete the survey by June 30th for a chance to win one of the $100 gift cards.

Complete the survey now: here

Email addresses are collected for the prize draw and then deleted – they will not be linked to responses and your answers will remain anonymous for the data collection.

We are looking for responses from teachers in any sector, at any school, in any state in Australia. The more responses we get, the better picture we can form of how creative writing is being taught around the country.

If you have any questions about this survey please just email us at

If you can complete it, thank you so much for being a part of this global survey to better support teachers!

Image: Jacquie Manning