Pluto by Cetro

Pluto by Cetro

30 Sep 2018


I had come so far in my journey and I felt so good and adventurous because this
whole time I didn’t need anyone to guide me and I didn’t need anyone to talk to me.
After my journey was completed, I was looking forward to seeing my kids and
visiting my family and my church so that means I’m free from space; no more
But I was not looking forward to seeing my house ‘cause while I was in space my
house had to get replaced.
I landed on Pluto and the ground felt squishy, couldn’t feel my legs. But it was
nice, it’s like my house.
For a while, it was actually kind of boring, then suddenly three things
happened all at once:
First I was in a meteor shower and saw different type of space stations. The names
were Gobbley Station and Floppyastation
Second, Bang!! I heard an explosion and monsters started to get out and started
destroying all space stations.
Third, I heard a beeping but it stopped when a funny looking spaceship landed, but
some cool guys came out. But they were shooting me so I ran off to my squad.

The first thing I need to do is make sure everyone had a medkit and an Assault
rifle/scar. I needed to shoot back but they were just impossible to at least get a shot on. Luckily we had the infinity stone to make us invincible but the bad thing, it only lasts for six hours. 

The stone made me and my team invincible for six hours so when they tried to shoot me every single bullet rebounded off me so we got out our guns and started shooting them but they were so jealous they tried to experiment on it and tried to get it. 

The thing I needed to do is make sure there are hardened sentries in every facility and have Black Panther guards. 

We had the infinity stone but they had Vibranium suits that make them invincible, too. But we figured if we tell our hacker to-self destruct the suit we can do a bit of damage.

I use the stone to make me active, hyper and…stronger. This stone made me think
I’m fighting my greatest enemy. But really I’m just going up against hundreds of
random high classed villains. But I knew I won cause we plant bug bombs onto their
neck then Bang!!!! They all died.

I’m going to decide that I’m going to stay on Pluto. These are the reasons I’m
staying: when I was a kid I dreamt to kill whoever tries to conquer Earth, so that’s the
reason I’m staying and you can’t stop me!!

T’challa landed in Venus. It was filled with homeless Wakandan people. They
needed to leave but were confronted by the Golden Jaguar so T’challa needed to go
suit up to become the Black Panther. So Black Panther, but nice smells was his