CineVerse is a Story Factory Big Project spanning four high schools in Western Sydney, five emerging film-makers, over 80 poems and up to 20 short films.

Cinematic in both scope and vision, CineVerse allows teenagers from widespread communities to use the language of film and poetry to investigate things that matter to them.

Across day-long workshops, students wrote poetry and worked with filmmakers to produce short films. The films explored the poems of students across all participating schools. At the culmination of the project the short films were screened in a film festival style launch event to students, friends and family, awarded prizes by a panel of industry judges, and were presented with professionally designed and printed anthologies of their writing.

Students who participate in CineVerse discover themselves to be published poets, film makers, skilful collaborators and even award-winners – all of them with a voice worth celebrating.

You can watch their brilliant films below and watch every CineVerse video on the Story Factory YouTube channel.

Congratulations to our winning films – A Moment in Time, My Reality, Untitled.