For thousands of years people have known about the beneficial effects of reading and writing: bibliotherapy. But in the social media era students have created something new…

In a Story Factory Big Project for 2019-20 teenagers wrote InstaPoems in response to real-life issues, and shared them online, dispensing our newest invention – InstaHope!

In a series of one-off writing workshops at high schools right across Sydney and Western Sydney, and online workshops for those writing at home, students were guided to write poems for Instagram to cure some of life’s problems.

There is more than one way to get this InstaHope excellence in your life. Undoubtedly the most thrilling way is with the publication of our book – INSTAHOPE (which you can buy in our bookstore) but you can also get into it on the program’s namesake, Instagram, where we shared these written delights on @sydneystoryfactory

This project has been generously supported by BridgeLane and the Sheargold Foundation.

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Stories from this Program


By Ambrose, Year 10

How to be truly content when you see the pain in everyone, the way they train to hold back water fountains. Here are some things you can do: get dates...

cure /kjʊə,kjɔː/ noun: restore to health

By Farbeen, Year 10

first whiff of scent from a dish you just cooked the steam from a hot shower filling up a winter evening the scent of a jasmine candle filling up a...

InstaHope: Untitled

By Halley, Year 10

Sometimes, the future doesn’t seem so nice. The future seems bleak, cold, lonely, faraway no no. Get together your fears, talk to them. What do they need? Take care of...