Marvellous Birds

Marvellous Birds was a creative writing and storytelling project for Years 5 and 6 students that explored the feathered beauty of some truly incredible birds. Through carefully scaffolded creative writing activities, students investigated themes such as community, camaraderie, displacement, environmental change, migration and the challenges of new adventures – through the piercing eyes and under the all-seeing gaze of the magnificent, mysterious (and occasionally menacing!) birdlife of the world.

Over six months (two school terms), Story Factory led creative writing programs at four primary schools, where students were supported to author their own original creative story.

Selected writing from across the four schools was collected into a professionally illustrated and published anthology, which is available to purchase at the Story Factory bookshop (see below).

Marvellous Birds is supported by the BridgeLane Foundation, Sheargold Foundation, the CommBank Staff Foundation and the Key Foundation.

Marvellous Birds, marvellous book

Marvellous Birds, marvellous book

These birds have roosted in our hearts, and in the pages of what might be our most beautiful book ever!

Hard cover, with colour illustrations throughout, and (our personal favourite) a deliciously tactile waxed satin finish on the cover (book nerds know what we mean) as well as being stuffed with hilarious, witty and wise stories from our students.

We’re calling it – this is the perfect gift. Order yours today!


Hear the Marvellous Stories of Marvellous Birds!

While lockdown may have stopped our plans to celebrate this fabulous feathered tales in-person, it couldn’t stop these incredible stories from flying free. Some very talented actors and some brilliant illustrators helped up bring to life the stories written in our Marvellous Birds workshops and we’re willing to bet they will be the best thing you see this week. Take a look!

I snorted, an incredible accomplishment for an eagle who had slanted nostrils.

– student writing

I terminated the call and spread my magnificent wings, stretching inside my New York penthouse. It wasn’t actually mine, I had smashed through the window, grabbed the owner with my massive talons and flung him out the window.

– student writing

The woman had very long jet black hair with some silver and white strands. She wasn’t old, just creative.

– Maple

Plumpton Public School

My life was pretty normal after the confrontation with the Russian Government, apart from the weekly heists on the bank and the everyday terrorising of pedestrians.

 – Minh

Blaxcell Street Public School