Sunset in My Heart

During Term 3 and 4, 2022, students from James Cook Boys Technology High School, Birrong Girls High School and Doonside Technology High School completed Story Factory’s Sunset in my Heart program. 

In this workshop series students created personal essays and fragments that explored elements of social media, as part of this students were invited to write about the parts of the world they know, experience and find valuable. Extracts from this selection of writing were used as the audio for the Sunset in my Heart video edited by Isaiah Tasi, mentored by Marcus Khoudair. 







This project was made possible thanks to Jibb Foundation

Stories from this Program

If I Was

By Miriam

If I was in a room filled with people, I would start overthinking about everything. I’m unable to relax and I just can’t seem to make important decisions which I...

A Bright, Blue Sky

A bright, blue sky, blue would describe how I feel about many things, like looking up to the sky, laying down on the grass under a shady tree on a...

If I Were In A World Where

By Grace

If I were in a world where everyone and everything was the same, I’ll get bored easily and find another world where I can be myself. It’s better to be...

Look Away

By Yesha

‘Look away for a second too long and you’ve missed it.’   If we keep looking back and holding on to our past, we’ll miss out on the great opportunities,...

Look Away

By Julia

‘Look away for a second too long and you’ve missed it!’   I get easily distracted, I constantly look away. An example of this is when I was watching a...

Blinded By The Sun

By Hannah

How am I to see the beauty of the world when I have been blinded by the sun? To me, the world is a place full of repetitive actions, happiness...

The Emotions I Feel

By Xyler

The emotions I feel when noting down ideas and thoughts that happened during the day really makes me understand myself. Just like when I was sitting alone studying for an...

I Am

By Jess

“I am fidgeting. I pull my phone out of my pocket, click it open and then close it again.”   I emotionally feel connected to this quote because of how...

End To The Internet

By Monthira

“What could put an end to the internet?’   My experience for this quote is, I can relate to the usage of the internet as it helps me to communicate...

Growth Mindset

By Trixie

“In a growth mindset people realise that they are capable of changing and growing their most basic abilities, like intelligence and talent, through effort and dedication.”   Some people are...

If I Were

By Emilia

If I were in a room full of people I don’t know, I would start to fidget. I’d pull my phone out of my pocket, click it open and then...

I Am

By Ayah

I am the backyard of any childhood house.  Big and sunny I am The smell of a baking cake which fills my house.  I am Chicken, rice, lemon, dried leaf...

I Am

By Jana

I am my Brown St driveway house My brown street driveway house I am the tiptop factory  driving past the tip top factory or petrol I am dior blush I...

The Leaves Fall

By Delilah

The leaves fall as the days pass time is a fickle thing. One day you’re 6 and one blink next, you’re 16. Dark light, youth, maturity, innocent and wise. Time...

Mother Nature

Cherish the beauty of mother nature The setting sun is a promise of a new tomorrow Ride off into the sky glowing with the setting sun   Someone you were...