01 Jun 2012


by Shajarra Hughes-Hill

It’s almost the end of the school day, and some of the Mount Carmel school kids are in the library doing their homework. Suddenly, the room starts shaking and a big alien drops out of the sky. His name is Googoogaga.

He has a big long nose and 800 eyes, some on his arms. His arms, of which there are many, grow in different directions. He feels like jelly. When he looks around the room, he is shocked by what everyone looks like. All of the kids run out the door. Instead of running, a girl named Sabrina stays.

The alien said, ‘Googoo.’

The little girl said, ‘Hi,’ and the alien laughed at the little girl because he couldn’t understand her. She asked Googoogaga to come and stay at her house. So she pushed him into her bag. The next day Sabrina asked her mum if she could buy her an alien dictionary and went to school with Googoogaga.

The kids at the school laughed at Sabrina and Googoogaga. But nobody was scared because they remembered him from the day before. At lunchtime, nobody would play with Googoogaga and Sabrina. And the kids teased Sabrina.

‘Hah hah, you’ve got an alien,’ they teased.

‘At least I’ve got an alien. You don’t!’ she said in response.

She felt sad and went to the library with Googoogaga. When they walked in, the other kids walked out. They started to read a book and a big alien kicked down the door and marched in and grabbed Googoogaga. The two aliens ran out the door. Googoogaga was taken against his will.

Sabrina ran after them and grabbed onto the bottom of the spaceship. The spaceship headed to Long Arm Planet and Sabrina kept hanging on.

Chapter 2

The spaceship landed on Long Arm Planet and Sabrina jumped, thankfully safe. The spaceship door opened and the villain, whose name was Long-Long, walked out with Googoogaga. Sabrina gasped.

Long-Long took Googoogaga to the castle to steal the valuable ruby Googoogaga had with him. When they got there, Long-Long put Googoogaga in the dungeon. The dungeon smelled like a dead rat and was as dark as a night in the jungle. Googoogaga felt lonely and scared.

Sabrina had followed Long-Long and Googoogaga to the castle. When Googoogaga screamed ‘Help!’, Sabrina came rushing in to the dungeon. As she was helping Googoogaga, Sabrina heard Long-Long coming. She was scared and was hiding in a dark corner alone.

Long-Long took Googoogaga out of the dungeon and went to his office. Sabrina took out her mobile phone and called the police. The police alien was speaking Googooish, so it was lucky she had her mini dictionary. She ran upstairs to Long-Long’s office and as soon as Long-Long went to capture her, the alien police ran in and took Long-Long to the police station and locked him up.

Sabrina and Googoogaga jumped into the spaceship and went back to earth. Back on earth, they went to the library because that was where they first met. Googoogaga’s family came rushing down in another spaceship.

‘Googoogaga, where did you go? We were worried about you,’ his mother said.

‘I had to escape from Long-Long,’ he said.

He was happy to see his family again, but sad to leave Sabrina.

Googoogaga went with his family and Sabrina walked home to her family. She was happy to see them after her amazing adventure.

Shajarra Hughes-Hill

Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Waterloo

In her own words: “Shajarra is a student at Lady of Mount Carmel in year 3. She is eight years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has never met an alien but would like to.” Shajarra wrote a story about a Martian coming to Earth at the Sydney Story Factory’s first pilot program in 2011.

Her story was published in I Met a Martian and Other Stories, the Sydney Story Factory’s first official anthology.