05 Jun 2012

by Shakala Karam

Chapter 1: Miss Mars comes to earth

Miss Mars came to earth with her cat Windy. They landed at Mt Carmel. Windy thought Earth isn’t smelly ENOUGH!

I would like more smells. I like smells such as wee, poop and trash cans.

Miss Mars thought Eww! What are they wearing! Miss Mars was walking down the hall and she screamed with joy because she saw a Justin Bieber poster that said:

Come see the Concert of a Lifetime

Staring Justin Bieber!

Chapter Two: The concert of a lifetime

It’s the night of Justin Bieber’s concert at Mt Carmel and it’s taking place outside. Miss Mars is allowed backstage to meet Justin. She let out a horrified scream because Justin had cut his famous hair.

Justin was upset that everyone else would feel the same about his hair. He decided to destroy Miss Mars’ clothes in revenge because he knew that was the way to hurt her. Miss Mars got angry and called her father by calling his name. Then she started talking in her normal voice.

‘Destroy him, Father,’ she said.

‘No,’ the Emperor said.

The cat, Windy, who was on earth with Miss Mars, also spoke up. ‘I agree with your father.’

Chapter Three: Miss Mars wins over evil

‘How could you, Windy? I thought we were best mates,’ Miss Mars said.

‘I was never your best friend anyway,’ said Windy.

Miss Mars sighed. ‘Now prepare for your death!’

Then suddenly Windy pulled out a martian gun and Miss Mars did the same. Miss Mars shoots firsts and kills Windy, her father and Justin.

Everyone screamed for joy. ‘Hooray! She’s defeated Justin the evil one and she’s beautiful so let’s make her the Queen of Fashion.’

About the Author – Shakala Karam

Our Lady of Mt Carmel, Waterloo

In her own words: ‘My favourite colour is midnight blue. My favorite animal is a dolphin. I mostly wear dresses. I have 2 best friends. I have one sister and two cats. My favourite food is pizza. I am 11. When I get older I want to

be a clothes designer.’

Shakala wrote a story about a Martian coming to Earth at the Sydney Story Factory’s first pilot program in 2011.

Her story was published in I Met a Martian and Other Stories, the Sydney Story Factory’s first official anthology.