Social Media Addiction by Roumaysya

Social Media Addiction by Roumaysya

04 Nov 2018

Social Media Addiction.

This program turns off and on specific social media apps such as Instagram,
Snapchat, Twitter, facebook and Musically. But for emergency messages you need
to have approval from the government. This invention will solve this problem by
turning off specific social media at a specific time. It will help because they will spend
more time in the real world than on their phones.

Why is this an important issue for the UN to try and fix?
The issue is that people spend three quarters of their day on their phone and a
quarter of the day without the phone. This issue can cause people to be unfit and
unhealthy. Social media can wreck your brains.

Imagine someone who has already suffered because of this problem.
My mum always complains about me spending more time on my phone. She is really
upset! Sometimes she won’t even talk to me. I want to spend time with my mum, but
I also want to talk to my friends overseas.

How would their life have been better if they had been able to access this

She would spend more time with her mum and less time on the phone.