Spooky Stories

Spooky Stories

19 Dec 2012

Dillon B

It’s enough to give us nightmares. Keep reading for spooky stories from Irene and Dillon, two young writers at our Thursday workshops.

The Spooky Problem

Irene Zhong


One day through the spooky curtains, there was the circus with every human ready to watch the show. It was dark and spooky, especially in the bathroom with all the toilets. There was lots of fog in there so everyone would always go home go to the toilet.

When the show started no one could see the show because of all the fog. Everyone was surprised; they had never seen so much fog before. People were complaining about all the fog but the owners that put on the show were also confused.

The owners said, “Sorry, we have no idea about the fog. I have discussed it with all the other people putting on the show, I have asked the host and none of them know.”

The audience was angry. One person from the seats came up on the stage. He was a huge and tough man. “We have come for a show and you won’t give us it and instead you have given us fog,” the man said. The host came and said, “Everyone, the show is cancelled.”

Everyone was sad, but they were ok, they just wanted all the fog away. From one of the front seats came a nice lady. She said, “We should help them and solve the mysterious mystery.”

Everyone agreed.

Everyone was calling out, “Help them, help them, help them, help them.” They all went searching. It was really crowded, but they had to find it. They all wanted to go outside but it was foggy outside too and they wouldn’t be able to see through all the fog.

They all moved into groups. People had to search outside and they had to be really careful. A really careful group had to search on the backstage. One person from the front had a little peek. He screamed and everybody told him to be quiet. He said to everyone, “I just saw a ghost inside!” Everyone was surprised, but they didn’t believe it.

He let the very tough person go in because he was not scared. He actually saw a ghost too! Now everyone was surprised, they were also scared. They let the brave and tough man go inside again and kill the ghost. He got a knife and went in. No one knew if it was going to work but suddenly they discovered a baby with a smoke machine under a white cloth. The baby was playing with the smoke machine. But then, she disappeared.

After a week, the next show was on. There was no fog anymore and everyone was clapping and cheering. Everyone was happy again but no one knew where the baby ghost went.

People saw the ghost, they were all terrified. The show person said “Stop!” He had no idea what they’re talking about. The ghost was fake. He took off his costume, which showed he was a baby just wearing a ghostly costume. Everyone was glad and never had that problem again.




City of Ghosts

Dillon Bouchier


“This is a perfect place, the forest!” said Peter, the school kid, “It has everything you want!” said Edward.

20 years later… year 3000.

It was just a regular day, trees blowing in a nice breeze. There were birds chirping and the Whirly Kids were sitting, telling each other spooky stories.

“My turn, my turn!” said Sebastian. “Oh great, here comes another one!” said Harrison, “So, go ahead!”.

Back in the year 2012, there were once GHOSTS!” Sebastian began.

“They came from nowhere and they were very tired and hungry. They all had 2 eyes like us humans, and they had no noses. But…”

“BORING!!!” said Michael, tiredly. “DO you mind?” said Sebastian angrily.

“Then they found the forest!” Sebastian continued. “Bob was their master and he decided to invade the forest and turn it into a city for ghosts! Bob was an unusual leader, and his plans NEVER worked, but he was sure that this time was his time!” Sebastian said, trying to look scary. The Whirly Kids suddenly got more interested in Bob.

“So Bob was there leader?” said Steven, “Correctamundo!” said Sebastion looking happy.

“Bob had a plot, as usual and together he plotted his most unusual plot yet!”

“SO we’re going to swallow all the trees and then we spit them out” Bob said in his usual, grumbling voice, “But lets do a test first to check if we actually CAN swallow the trees”. “Mark!” Bob yelled.

“Coming your ghost-leader!” Mark cried.

“WO WO WO!” Scott interrupted. “So the ghosts don’t KNOW they can swallow trees?”

“Uhh… sort of,” Sebastian said, annoyed.

“DO IT!” yelled Bob. “No!” Mark cried.

“Ok then, Hi-5s!” Bob said, mad.

“Hey man, care for a Hi-5?” Hi-5’s said in his old school voice.

“Not now,” said Bob. “What I want you to do is…SWALLOW THE TREE!” cried Bob in his mad voice. “Sure as long as you give me a Hi-5 after”, “Oh, fine!” cried Bob, “Now DO IT!”. “Ok jeez man, settle,” Hi-5 said calmly”.

“Hi-5’s floated over to the tree, and grabbed it then threw it into the food processor. He chewed it down like a MONSTER. “Now just spit it out!” Bob said, more calm. Hi-5’s closed his eyes, then spat the wood out. He opened his eyes to find a small cottage, lying firmly in front of him. The others clapped and cheered! “Well done 5s” said Bob, “Now that Hi-5 you promised” said 5s happy. “Oh No!” Bob thought then SLAM! Hi-5s hit him, hard. “YOUCH!” Bob yelled. “Hehe” Hi-5s giggled. “OK, NOW LETS GET BUILDING!” cried Bob.


“What if it was only 5s who could digest trees!” said Penny confused.

“Uhh…they’re the umm… same kind!” Seb mumbled.



“Ok, put that office there and defences there and that hotel, there!” the architect, “Mayor Bob says so!” Everyone was munching and crunching all the sticks and trees they could find. Mayor Bob was trying a new design for polluting machines. “Wait, that pressure engine should go there!” He said. The ghosts had taken one fourth of the forest to build their city but everything was still under construction.

Suddenly, the ghost in the crane said, “Look out!”.

The crane was about to collapse and was falling down on one of the roads. KABOOM! The crane fell on a UFO (ghost car). There was a giant fire spreading across the road and onto the side walk. Immediately the firemen and the news crew came flooding out of their vans. Luckily the fire didn’t destroy the buildings, but it did destroy a road and a UFO. The UFO driver had been taken to the hospital, and the road had been re-cleared for all citizens. It was fixed up.

10 years later… (The city has been completed)

“I announce the opening of the new, New Ghosts City!” announced Bob.


The city looked just like New York. It had ‘The Statue Ghost-ity’ was a ghostly character, it had the Empire Float Building’ and everything else a ghost could ask for. Every single ghost had gathered around the grand stand in Spirit Island, the home of the statue of Ghost-ity.

“Go Bob, go Bob, go Bob!” chanted the audience. “Right here in New Ghosts City, we finally had enough money to conquer all of Earth!” announced Bob. Everybody went WILD! “In just one month, our plan will take place the ghosts will take over the world!”

Chapter 3 (the final chapter)

The humans were really unhappy with the ghost’s plan, but they had a plan of their own.

“Call the GHOST BUSTERS!!!” demanded the President of the USA.

“But sir, the ghost busters are only for extreme emergencies, and besides the ghosts are too strong!” complained the army commanded.

“DO IT!” replied the president, flashing an evil grin. “I’m onto you now, floaters” mumbled the president.