Meet Jesse


Jesse has been attending Story Factory workshops since Term 4 last year, and one of the first things we noticed about Jesse is that he's basically a personified cyclone. He has a gigantic brain protected within a maelstrom of physicality that will often see him - literally - climbing the walls as he grapples with his story ideas, which can range from military thrillers to profound philosophical pontifications. From workshop to workshop, he's not only been learning to focus his incredibly creative and imaginative ideas into structured storylines, but has also been working on strategies to help him stay still for long enough to allow those ideas space to breathe. This term he wrote one of his most interesting and well-planned stories yet, and has even got plans to turn it into a book series. We couldn't be prouder; it's been so amazing seeing you every weekend Jesse! Here's a short except from this term's story, 'Phantom':

"Eric Sniper 214 is in an army base, trying to figure out how the heck he's going to get to Base A without the Phantoms deciding to shoot him. He hears a gunshot and looks up, worried that the Phantoms are here. He can't see any red dots or usernames, so he thinks he's alone. But then he sees a wounded polar bear with a gunshot in its side. He knows nobody on his team would waste ammunition on a polar bear, but he goes outside anyway to check if it really was a Phantom.

He's wearing a ski mask and a bulletproof vest under a big fur animal coat. He checks that the polar bear is really dead, and he realises its alive but fatally wounded. So he gets out his knife and stabs it. He's a bit bummed about the polar bear but it's not his main priority. He'll bury it later."